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Medela Double Set for Symphony Electric Breast Pump


The Symphony Double Breast Pump Set is ideal for frequent pumping and for extended periods.

The set can be used for the hospital breast pump that you have already used in the maternity ward or that you have rented.





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Medela Double Set for Symphony Electric Breast Pump is intended for use with the Medela Symphony Breast Pump.

Ideal for frequent extractions and for prolonged periods.

The 105 ° opening angle of the innovative PersonalFit Plus ™ cups reduces pressure on the milk ducts and facilitates milk flow, ensuring 11% more milk extraction.

More comfort: The oval breast cups with soft rim can be rotated so that the extraction is always comfortable in any position.

Latex-free, they do not contain bisphenol-A or phthalates.

The package contains:

2 x 150ml breast milk collection bottles
2 two PersonalFit Plus™ breast shields in size M (24 mm).

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