It is necessary to make an appointment by telephone to draw up the birth list in the shop.

Your birth list will have online access; you will receive an email with your credentials to access and view the status of your list comfortably from home and with the passwords to give to those who want to give you the gift. The birth lists can be accessed from the appropriate section of our website We accept credit card payments (except American Express) and bank transfer, even abroad.

It is also possible to pay by phone by credit card (except American Express). This type of payment is very safe and fast, we only ask for your card number and expiry date, no other code.

When the birth list is closed, the "Salina Card" will be issued: 5% of each amount in the childcare department, which is not already subject to promotions, spent by the customer who owns the Salina Card, will be loaded electronically on the card.

Modes for your list:

  • List with deposit: choose what you need or like and it will be put on the list. Leaving a deposit, the goods marked with "priority" will be put away with your name. In this way, you can have exactly what you have chosen to give or collect at the moment of birth. The goods placed on account, or ordered especially for you, are then subject to a purchase obligation whether it has been given to you or not. If the list runs out, the deposit, at the time of closing, will be transformed into a shopping voucher.
  • Indicative list: choose what you need or like and it will be put on the list without a deposit, but it will not be put away with your name. At the time of purchase, or when they come to give you gifts, the choice will be between what is available. Remember that Salina rarely runs out of an article!
    To draw up this type of list, Salina asks for a deposit of € 50,00 to be lost if no item is given away. Otherwise, the deposit will be returned, at the closing of the list, in cash or by check. 
  • Mixed List: choose what you need or like, and which you can never do without! Leave us a deposit and you will be so sure to find them at the time of collection, whether they have given it to you or not. Then in the same list you can add what you would like but do not consider indispensable. This second choice will not be put away, it will not be subject to any purchase obligation, but it will be the starting point to make you other gifts, perhaps not essential but delicious! If the list runs out, the deposit, at the time of closing, will be transformed into a shopping voucher.

Just a few clicks are enough to receive all the assistance and advice you are looking for:

And if you prefer to create your newborn's birth list, baby shower list or baptism list for your boy or girl, without leaving home, just create your birth list online by clicking here!

The more gifts you receive, the more you earn!

For each purchase generated from your birth list, you will in fact receive 5% of the value purchased on yours SalinaCard *.

*SalinaCard can only be subscribed and used in shops. Your SalinaCard credit can be used to purchase all products in our eShop and in our stores outside the Baby List, with the exception of those belonging to the categories STROLLING OUT and SAFETY IN CAR and OUTLET, STOKKE products and products already subject to discounts and promotions.

  • The SalinaCard credit can be spent with a maximum limit of € 50.00 per purchase / order
  • SalinaCard credits are valid for 1 year.
  • The purchase of Gift Cards does not generate points and using Gift Cards for the purchase, it is not possible to redeem SalinaCard points.
  • I created one TWIN birth list contact us and we will send you a special discount!
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