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Medela Silicone Milk Collector Cups


If you notice that you are leaking from one breast while your baby is feeding on the other, Medela's milk cups can catch excess milk while you are breastfeeding.



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Medela Milk Collector Cups they are worn over the nipple to catch milk leaking from the breast, ensuring that no drops that escape during feedings are wasted.

Medela Milk Collector Cups they are made with materials that are delicate on the skin and modeled on the body, making them comfortable and discreet to wear.

When to use milk collection cups

Breastfeeding cups can be worn while breastfeeding to catch milk leaks as described above, as well as between feedings to prevent wet spots. Remember to take them off every two to three hours and allow your breasts to air dry, as this procedure prevents excess moisture from damaging the nipples. Also, avoid wearing nipple shields at night, as it may cause skin sensitivity; you could try disposable breast pads to absorb heavy milk loss or Ultra thin disposable nursing pads if you have a lighter flow.

How to use Medela milk collection cups:

The two components of the milk collection cups must be assembled before use. This procedure is simple to do:

  1. the soft and flexible silicone membrane is designed to be gentle on the skin; place it on the outside, making it adhere to the entire circumference.
  2. Once assembled, put the milk collection cup in the bra, so that the opening of the membrane is exactly in correspondence with the nipple. The practical spout must point upwards.

When using the milk cups, it is advisable to wear a nursing bra. In fact, the cups tend to be a bit more roomy than a typical bra, putting less pressure on the breasts.

Use of collected breast milk  

Only breast milk collected during breastfeeding can be given to the baby; discard stored milk between breastfeeding sessions.

When removing the milk collection cups, it is advisable to lean forward slightly. Next, use the cup's special exit hole to transfer breast milk that was collected during a feed into a sanitized container, such as a breast milk bottles or a storage bag.

If you are not going to give this milk to your baby immediately, put the container in the refrigerator right away and use it within 24 hours.

How to clean Medela milk collection cups

It is important to keep breastfeeding accessories clean, including breast cups. Before first use and once a day thereafter, sanitize the nipple shields as follows:

  • separate the components and place them in a small pot filled with cold distilled water. If distilled water cannot be used, add a teaspoon of citric acid to tap water to avoid the formation of limescale deposits.
  • Bring the water to a boil and continue boiling the nipple shields for five minutes.
  • Drain the water thoroughly and let the components dry on a clean cloth.

In addition, it is important to clean the milk collection cups after each use. Separate the components and wash them with a mild detergent solution. Afterwards, rinse them thoroughly in cold water and let them dry on a clean cloth.

Both the external part and the internal membrane can be washed in the dishwasher, so you can also use this cleaning method; alternatively use a microwave bag.

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