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How do you get it?

BabyCard is digital and is activated automatically upon registration!

It is very simple, sign up  by entering the requested data. Once the registration is confirmed, the BabyCard will be activated automatically and you will immediately find a BabyCard credit worth € 10,00 to spend immediately on our eShop!

You will be able to view the balance of your BabyCard at any time, which you will find on your account page.

How does it work?

Earn points

Log in to your account, make your purchases on, 5% of each amount purchased will be electronically uploaded to your virtual card and can be accumulated on all products in our shop with some exceptions:

  • If you purchase products on sale, on special offers or subject to promotions (e.g.: cashback, Black Friday, etc.)
  • If you buy Gift Card
  • If you buy from the Birth Wish List *
  • If by purchasing you already take advantage of discount codes, promotions, Gift Cards or BabyCard points

* If you buy from a birth list you will see the points of your purchase with a balance of 0 in your balance; for example: on a purchase of € 100,00 you will see +5 (0). This because the points will be automatically assigned to the owner of the birth list you are buying from. 

Use points 

When you have a positive points balance, it will automatically appear in the appropriate section when checking out the cart; to use them, just confirm the quantity you want to scale.

You can download your BabyCard points on all products in our eShop, except for those in promotion or discount and belonging to the categories (and sub-categories):

  • Walking 
  • Safety in the car
  • Outlet
  • Promo
  • Sale
  • Gift Card

The points are usable also for the category "Pouches and Swaddling".

ATTENTION: the use of points is not MAY combinable with promotions, discounts, offers, sales and cashback.

If my points balance has not updated correctly, can I ask for my points to be credited to me?

Of course! Send your request by writing an email to [email protected] 
Our team will update your points balance within 48 business hours.

How long does it last?

La BabyCard It has no expiration date and can be used for multiple purchases.

Can I use BabyCard in the shop?

BabyCard it can be used exclusively online at

IN STORE - SalinaCard

I have a SalinaCard, can I use it online?

La Salina Card it can only be used at Salina points of sale.

Salina Card

La Salina Card is the points card of the Salina Milano physical stores.

To obtain it, it is necessary to subscribe to the points program directly in the store, here you will be given your personal card that can be used at all Salina points of sale. 


By presenting the SalinaCard in Salina stores (excluding Outlet), 5% of the amount spent will be electronically loaded on the card. The credit acquired can be used for future purchases, in all departments (with some exclusions *). 

  1.  The acquired credit CANNOT be used for the purchase of: * Strollers / Trio Systems and related accessories - Car Seats - Outlet - Items already in promotion - Sales
    • 1.2) The Advantages of the Salina Card CANNOT BE COMBINED IN ANY CASE with other discounts-offers-conventions 
    • 1.3) The Benefits of the Salina Card ARE NOT RETROACTIVE APPLICABLE 
    • 1.4) The credit accumulated on the Salina Card CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED TO MONEY under any circumstances 
    • 1.5) It is NOT possible to download credit and acquire more in the same purchase / order 
  2.  If the SalinaCard is combined with the TwinCard (twin exclusive), a 10% discount will be applied directly on the purchase (5% for STOKKE items)
    •  2.1) In the case of purchases from the Birth List, 10% will be loaded on the SalinaCard (5% for STOKKE items) 
    •  2.2) The Advantages of the TwinCard CANNOT BE COMBINED IN ANY CASE with other discounts-offers-agreements 
  3. SalinaCard holders will have a qualified PERSONAL SHOPPER available with telephone booking.

For more info and support on SalinaCard write to [email protected]

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