Brand name:

Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags 25 pcs


Pack of 25 pieces.


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Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags they are a hygienic, convenient and practical solution for storing, transporting and heating expressed breast milk.

Thanks to ready-to-use breast milk storage bags it's possible storing, transporting and warming breast milk in a simple and hygienic way.

Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags you can freeze them.

They also have a double hermetic seal to prevent spillage of liquids and save more space than bottles.

Their flat shape allows for quick defrosting and the durable material ensures safe storage in the freezer.

The bags in material for food e free of BPA they feature heat sealed seams that prevent them from tearing, breaking or cracking.

Each bag has a large section where it is possible to affix a label and date.

The package contains 25 bags for storing milk and a carrying bag, for the highest level of cleanliness and order.


The double-layer bag with two airtight closures guarantees safe storage in the freezer.
Hygienically pre-sealed and their flat shape allows for quick thawing of breast milk.
The ample space to label and date the bags allows you to easily monitor your milk supply.
The bags are made of food grade material, BPA free.
By placing the bags horizontally, space is optimized, for a smaller footprint than conventional bottles.
They remain upright.
With the carrying bag, breast milk bags are always tidy and clean.
Safe and long-term storage without loss of vitamins and nutrients.
Ease of labeling and date application helps you easily monitor your breast milk supply.
Safe material for you and your baby.

The package contains:

25 Medela bags for the storage of breast milk