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Create your birth list and share it with whoever you want!

Salina for over 50 years it has been the reference point for birth and baptism lists in Milan and throughout Lombardy. In addition to these, more and more often, expectant mothers are turning to Salina for their baby shower lists.

All our experience and the vast assortment of products for babies, mothers, boys and girls available in Salina stores and in the online store are at your service.

How to create the birth list?

Choose whether to do it in the store, by appointment with a personal shopper or whether to do it online directly on our site. In both cases you will be able to share your list with friends and relatives who will be able to purchase gifts even remotely.

Just a few clicks are enough to receive all the assistance and advice you are looking for:

Book an appointment list at Salina Store in Viale Abruzzi 51 (between Lima M1 and Piola M2 stops) or at Mini Salina in Corso Vercelli 62 (Wagner M1 stop)

by email, write to [email protected]

via WhatsApp, write to 351 922 03 39
on the phone, call 02 29 40 92 87

And if you prefer create your newborn baby list, baby shower list or baptism list for your baby boy or girl, without leaving home, click here.

La birth list is a great way to indicate which gifts you would like to receive for yourself or your baby.

Salina it mainly offers two ways to create your own birth list: directly in the Salina shops, supported by our dedicated staff, or conveniently online from where you want!

Birth list: when is it time to prepare it?

Whenever you want! Most parents start writing it around the seventh month of pregnancy, in order to give family and friends time to choose the gift to give. Remember that some products will need to be ordered and sometimes it takes a few weeks to receive them, to make sure you have everything you need in time, ask our staff for support.

What to put on the birth list?

The arrival of the baby is a wonderful and unique experience that brings with it many changes.

The house will become a warm and welcoming nest for your little one, the movements will become more adventurous, with pram, car seat, diapers and bottles, the living room will be filled with toys and the dining room will become colorful with the high chair and all the accessories for the first baby food.

Especially with the arrival of the first child, we find ourselves having to buy many things whose existence and usefulness was unknown. 

Salina helps you to develop your ideal birth list by providing you with a list of beautiful and almost indispensable items, many gift ideas and ideas for her first layette, to be used immediately but also designed for her growth, click here download i Salina's suggestions for the birth list.

Each list created on our eShop has an expiration of 12 (twelve) months, contact us when you want to finish it and we will let you have all your gifts for free in a single solution, you can choose to receive them at home or come and pick them up in Milan in person.

Online Birth List

Choose what you need or like and it will be put on the list without a deposit, but be careful: it will not be put away with your name or ordered especially for you. Adding a product to your birth list does not bind you to any purchase, you will only receive it if someone buys it for you. At the time of collection the choice will be between what is available. Remember that Salina rarely runs out of a Article!

In short, it is a wish-list with no obligation to purchase but ...

IMPORTANT: if you want to be sure that the item they gave you is separated or ordered just for you, send the notification email you received to [email protected], at that point the articles you reported will become priority, they will be separated or ordered for you (order time about 30 working days) e subject to collection obligation second sales contract.

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