System Quattro Inglesina

Non-stop sleeping

The Inglesina Quattro intelligent System designed to make walking-home-car mobility always comfortable and safe, ensuring the continuity of the child's healthy rest.

I System Quattro Inglesina consist of one large cot, that thanks to its generous dimensions welcomes the child in the comfort and safety he needs; the StandUp to be used at home to promote continuous sleep; the Car seat for his first safe and comfortable journeys; thel Stroller with wide and reversible seat and the frame that opens and closes with one hand without the handle ever touching the ground.

Lightweight strollers

Safety, comfort and lightness will be your allies during the most exciting journey of life: the growth of your baby, day after day.

With a wide seat, Inglesina strollers guarantee maximum comfort and reopen the legendary one-hand opening and closing. Once closed, the stroller remains upright by itself, preventing the handle and the fabric from touching the ground.

Inglesina Car Seats

Enjoy your baby's first movements with maximum safety and the best possible well-being thanks to a safe and comfortable Inglesina car seat.
Choose the car seat that best suits your little one's needs, and yours.

Do you already have an Inglesina car seat? You discover Ally Pad, the anti-abandonment device that detects the presence of your child in the car.


COPERNICUS i-Size 40-145 cm

Suitable from birth up to approx. 12 years.

CABOTO i-Size 76-150 cm

Suitable from 15 months up to approximately 12 years.

CARTESIO i-Size 105-150 cm

Suitable from 3 to 12 years

At home with Inglesina

The Casa Inglesina Line is designed to help you during your child's growth through a series of attentions that will make his development a happy, fun and safe adventure.


The swing for the first little moments of joy, from birth up to 9 kg


Everyone at the table! Side by side


The travel cot with a contemporary design that decorates the bedroom
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