Babylodge® LIEVE Natural Pillow
Babylodge® LIEVE Natural Pillow
Babylodge® LIEVE Natural Pillow
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Babylodge LIEVE Pillow Natural


Natural cushion handmade by artisans mattresses using only safe and certified materials.

Made in Italy:

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Babylodge® LIEVE Natural Pillow for children completes the range of handcrafted upholstery under the Babylodge® brand.

Handmade in Italy with only pure natural untreated cotton, it is perfectly breathable and hypoallergenic.

With dimensions 40 × 60 cm and a thickness of approximately 8 cm, it is configured as the perfect pillow for the little ones.

Like all the upholstered items in the range, too Babylodge® LIEVE Natural Pillow it is hand-made by Babylodge® artisan mattresses, using only safe and certified materials.

The internal padding is made up of 10 layers of pure natural cotton, so as to ensure maximum breathability in all seasons. The outer lining is in unbleached raw cotton fabric hand-sewn with 100% cotton and linen thread.

Dimensions, shape and materials make LIEVE particularly comfortable and suitable for the rest of children, who need a soft, breathable and not too thick support.

The combination of only pure cotton, internally and externally, guarantees maximum tolerability even in contact with the most sensitive skins.

All the materials used to make LIEVE are completely natural, free of detergents and whiteners and, therefore, hypoallergenic. They are also perfectly recyclable and reusable.



Natural pillow for children.
Padding in pure raw cotton layers.
Untreated raw cotton fabric lining.
Naturally breathable and hypoallergenic.
Handmade in Italy.
One size: 40 × 60 cm.


Care and maintenance

To avoid stains or inconveniences deriving from use, before the pillowcase it is recommended to use a protective pillow cover, ideally made of natural fibers so as not to nullify the breathable properties of the pillow.

For this purpose, the Babylodge® range offers CLOTH, mattress cover and pillow cover set in pure cotton cloth designed to protect the mattress and pillow from wear and time and at the same time maintain breathability.

For lasting comfort and to preserve the characteristics of the product, it is advisable to periodically turn the pillow in all directions (top-bottom, right-left).

It is also good practice to expose it to the sun and air, so as to regenerate the fibers and restore volume and softness to the pillow.

The raw cotton staple sewn on the label of each LIEVE pillow is intended to represent the material used for the filling and must be removed before use.

Width x length: 40 x 60 cm. Thickness: about 8 cm.

Weight: about 0,7 kg.

Padding: layers of pure natural cotton.
Lining: raw untreated cotton canvas.

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