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Babylodge GIRO Bumper Natural


Bumper designed for Babylodge® Montessori beds.

Measures 210 × 16 cm (length x diameter).

Also ideal as a pregnancy and nursing pillow.

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Babylodge® GIRO Natural bumper specifically designed for Babylodge® montessori beds.

Handmade in Italy using only pure natural cotton, it is available in two colors, both completely removable.

With 210 cm in length, 16 cm in diameter and four pairs of laces, Babylodge® GIRO Natural bumper allows multiple configurations and uses, starting from birth.

Based on your preferences, it can be used alone or in combination with a second bumper.

Moreover, thanks to its flexibility and versatility, it is also ideal as a pregnancy and nursing pillow.


One product, many uses

"L" position - Ideal for when the bed is placed next to one or two walls and you want to contain movements within the perimeter of the bed. GIRO is tied to the poles of the structure and will not move.

This configuration is possible with Babylodge® beds in the standard size.

“RING” position - Ideal for newborns: by tying together the internal pairs of laces, GIRO becomes a nest that wraps and protects in total safety and softness.

This configuration is possible with Babylodge® beds in both standard and extended sizes.

"U" position - Ideal for protecting the head and upper body while leaving freedom of movement. In this position there is no need to tie the straps to the bed.

This configuration is possible with Babylodge® beds in both standard and extended sizes.

"DOUBLE L" position - Ideal for when you want to contain movements within the exact perimeter of the bed. Both bumpers are tied to the cot poles and will not move.

This configuration is possible with Babylodge® beds in the standard size.

"DOUBLE U" position - Ideal for those who choose the extended version of the beds with small children. By tying together the two GIRO bumpers, a 360 ° protection is obtained for the entire perimeter of the cot.

This configuration is possible with the extended version of the Babylodge® cots.


Other uses

Babylodge® GIRO can also be used as pregnancy pillow, to facilitate the rest of the future mother and give some relief to the back and legs during sleep.

After birth, it is ideal as nursing pillow, as a practical and soft support during feedings.

Thanks to its versatility, GIRO is able to accompany the mother and her baby for a very long period of time, in any room of the house and during all stages of motherhood: in pregnancy, in the puerperium and in all subsequent years.


Babylodge® GIRO consists of:

a raw cotton flake filling, carded, sewn and hand made by the Babylodge® artisan mattresses; representing the material used for the padding, each GIRO bumper is accompanied by a cotton bow sewn on the label, to be removed before use;
a removable and washable cover in soft OEKO-TEX Standard® 100 certified pure cotton fabric.

Available in two colors and equipped with four pairs of laces, two at each end.

The zipper to insert and remove the cover is placed on the back and is hidden by a protective cotton flap.

Being a 100% natural product, GIRO has no contraindications. The combination of only pure cotton, internally and externally, guarantees maximum breathability and tolerability, in all seasons and also in contact with the sensitive and delicate skin of babies.

All the materials used to make GIRO are in fact completely natural and hypoallergenic.

For an impeccable result, the two available colors - light blue gray and sepia rose - are coordinated with all the other Babylodge® brand textile accessories.

In particular, al set of sheets and duvet cover set from the DOTS collection.



Cot bumpers in pure natural cotton.
Raw cotton flake padding, carded and hand-sewn in Italy.
Removable and washable cover in pure cotton, available in two colors.
Long (210 cm), soft (over 1,5 kg of carded cotton flakes), flexible and adaptable (16 cm in diameter).
Multiple positions and ligatures, thanks to the 8 laces sewn at the ends.
Suitable for all models of Babylodge® beds. Also ideal as a pregnancy and nursing pillow.
100% natural materials, internally and externally. Hypoallergenic and breathable.


Care and maintenance

Padding: to preserve the characteristics of the product, it is advisable to periodically expose the padding to the sun and air, so as to regenerate the cotton fibers and restore volume and softness.
Lining: removable through the zip on the back and machine washable. To preserve the quality of the fabric, it is recommended to follow the washing instructions on the label sewn inside the garment.

210 × 16 cm (length x diameter).

Without packaging: about 1,5 kg - With packaging: about 2 kg.

Filling: raw cotton in carded flakes.
Outer lining: soft pure cotton canvas OEKO-TEX Standard® 100 certified.


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Sugar Paper Gray, Sepia Rose