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Babylodge Bow Mattress 130 x 80 cm


Babylodge® Mattress Fiocco is a 100% Made in Italy natural mattress, carded and hand-sewn according to the artisan tradition.

Soft and enveloping, ideal for supporting the light and delicate build of children!


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Babylodge® Mattress Fiocco in pure virgin wool and raw cotton. Carded and hand-sewn according to the artisan tradition and specifically designed for Babylodge beds® AIR and CLOUD.

Soft and enveloping, ideal for supporting the light and delicate build of children. Completely natural and recyclable materials. Entirely handmade, FIOCCO is a 100% natural mattress.

Measurements: 130 x 80 cm (thickness: about 10 cm).

By weight, the padding is made up for the 50% from pure virgin wool and for the 50% from raw cotton of first carding. The volume yield reaches the 70/30 ratio in favor of pure virgin wool, the most valuable material. The ensemble is wrapped in an ecru-colored raw cotton lining quilted with cotton and linen thread.

Thanks to the mixed wool-cotton composition, the mattress guarantees a soft, flexible and breathable support. Its comfortable and enveloping nature makes it particularly suitable for the build of children, ensuring the correct lift up to 25 kg in weight (children aged 6-7 years). FIOCCO is therefore configured as the ideal complement for the ARIA and NUVOLA beds, equipped with a special mattress-base.

On the short side, the lining features a inspection zipper which allows you to check the quality of the padding. Touching the wool flakes, it is possible to immediately perceive their purity due to the thinness lanolin layer which is deposited on the hand and which performs an important antibacterial and antimicrobial function.

Pure cotton fibers may contain traces of characteristic "grain", confirming the quality of the raw material and, in particular, its raw and untreated state.

All the materials used are completely natural and recyclable.

MATTRESS DIMENSIONS 130 x 80 x 10-12 cm (length, width, thickness).
RAW MATERIAL Padding: pure virgin wool and raw cotton of first carding. Raw cotton outer lining, quilting with 100% cotton and linen thread. Completely natural, untreated and recyclable materials.
PACKAGING DIMENSIONS 132 x 82 x 12 cm (length, width, thickness).