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Red Castle CocoonaBaby White Fleur de Coton


It reassures the newborn and gently helps him to adapt to the first days of life

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Red Castle Cocoona Baby, the perfect solution for your baby's rest and healthy development.

Red Castle Cocoona Baby it is an ergonomic nest that the child can use at any time of rest.

It allows you to assume the semi-fetal position of the womb and provides a well-defined space, very serene and reassuring.

So relaxed, the baby falls asleep and sleep cycles follow each other more naturally.

Furthermore, the restrained position he adopts in the Cocoonababy® contributes to its more complete development.

It encourages all-round development, facilitates the baby's movements and thus helps him build a better body pattern (bringing the hands to the face and the body in a slightly flexed position).

It allows for a smooth transition from the womb to the outside world. In fact, the child regains motility close to what he recognizes as the womb.

It helps to limit the main common discomforts that can disturb the baby in the first months.

Equipped with a ventral band that allows a good support of the baby, it protects and calms him by exerting a light pressure on the belly, without hindering his freedom of movement.

Easy to use

The seam of the fitted sheet on the headdress indicates the position of the baby's head.


the waistband provides good support for the baby.


the adjustable and removable reducer (placed under the fitted sheet) allows you to adapt to the size of the child by offering support in the wrapping.


the high resilience foam (which has the ability to return to its original shape) guarantees longevity and quality.


the washable and water-repellent integral protective coating guarantees impeccable hygiene.

Cocoonababy contributes to:

Improve the quality and duration of sleep
Reduce sudden awakenings (Riflesso di Moro)
Limit reflux problems
Limit the risk of the flat head phenomenon (plagiocephaly)



It can be used from birth (from 2,8 kg in weight) and until the child begins to want to turn around or tries to adopt a different position (about 3-4 months of age;

Oekotex® 100 standard certified fabrics;

Certipur® Certification: The Certipur® label guarantees that the foam has been produced to very high standards of safety, hygiene and the environment.

Weight: 1 kg
Dimensions: L 69X l 40X H 19 cm
2 year Manufacturers Guarantee

The package contains:

cotton flower® fitted sheet

Ventral band

Waterproof protective cover for pillow

Carrying bag

Color: White Fleur de Coton

Optional accessories (sold separately):

Spare sheet