Brand name:

Quut Playmat Nuvola Large Blue 175 × 145 cm


Furnish your little one's play area making it soft and safe.

Contains 10 modular pieces.

Measurements: 175 x 145 cm and 12 mm thick


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Quut Cloud Play Mat grows with your baby thanks to its different features.

The soothing and soft colors and the fun and poetic shape decorate the room and make your child's playtime safe.

Equipped with a solid and comfortable surface, perfect for practicing crawling until it becomes a cozy reading corner or a small theater.

Quut Cloud Play Mat is the perfect backdrop to create precious memories!

Use it as a base for the gym, space for movement, for play or for reading. You can even take it with you to your vacation home or to your grandparents!

Made of soft foam, it allows 4 possible arrangements, thanks to the 10 interlocking pieces.


Completely waterproof, which means it is super hygienic (no liquid absorption)
Very easy to clean: just a damp cloth and a mild soap


Non-toxic and water resistant
10-piece set
Measurements: 175 x 145 cm and 12 mm thick
Material: EVA foam
Color: Light Blue and Blue

The package contains:

10 EVA tiles for modular carpet

Did you know that?

EVA Foam is an extremely child-friendly material! It consists of a soft, water-resistant and heat-insulating layer (NO to cold floors!). Children can play safely and comfortably on the floor.

It is also easy to maintain, you can clean it from time to time with water and neutral soap.

EVA is a soft foam with a closed cell structure, which means it does not absorb moisture! Super clean!