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Cybex Platinum Car Seat Solution T i-Fix 100-150 cm

219.95 - 249.95

Solution T i-Fix accompanies the child during growth from 3 to 12 years.

It features a high backrest, a patented reclining headrest and ensures better airflow.

Suitable from approximately 3 years to 12 years (Child's height: 100cm – 150cm – Weight 15-50kg)


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Cybex Platinum Solution T i-Fix can be incredibly used for nine years! It will become the companion that you and your child will not be able to do without until the age of 12.

It is equipped with exclusive safety features, such as the reclining headrest that keeps the child's head in a safe position throughout the journey and the linear side impact protection system.

The height and width adjustable headrest constantly adapts to the changes in the child's body as it grows. What's more, thanks to the ventilation system, car journeys will be comfortable all year round.

Cybex Platinum Solution T i-Fix : safety and comfort throughout childhood.


Adjustable in height and width up to 12 years

Children grow very much between the ages of 3 and 12. This seat offers 12 levels of height adjustment, accompanying the child in every stage of growth.

The head and shoulder protectors can be lifted with one hand, while the seat expands automatically. Adjustment according to needs is a simple and fast operation.

Patented reclining headrest

The patented reclining headrest keeps your child's head tilted back slightly and prevents it from tipping forward during sleep. This ensures that the child's head is in a protected position in the event of a side collision.

It is possible to choose between three different positions to always guarantee the right level of comfort both when the child is awake and when he is sleeping.

360 ° air circulation

The 360° air circulation maintains the optimal seat temperature in all seasons. More, the Plus fabric has mesh inserts that guarantee better air circulation and greater comfort. The 3D mesh structure improves breathability.

Advanced side impact protection

The advanced Linear Side Impact Protection (LSP) system is an outstanding combination of design, safety and functionality. It activates automatically before installation and increases safety in the event of a side impact. Together with the highly energy-absorbing shell, they reduce the force of impact by more than 20%**.

Simple installation and extra stability

The ISOFIX system allows for easy installation Solution T i-Fix inside the vehicle thanks to special visual indicators which confirm when the seat has been installed correctly.

In addition, it ensures a solid anchorage to the vehicle for extra safety in the event of an accident.

Suitable for all car seats

The reclining backrest adapts perfectly to the seat of all vehicles, allowing the child to always travel comfortably.

Product details:

Suitable from approximately 3 years to 12 years

Child's height: 100cm - 150cm

Weight of the child: from approximately 15 kg to 50 kg

Approved according to the regulation: ECE R129/03 regulation

Dimensions and weight:
39 cm length
Width 50,5 cm
Height 62,5 - 80 cm

Weight 7.2 kg

The package contains:

Solution T i-Fix car seat
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PLUS Nautical Blue, Mirage Grey, PLUS Cozy Beige, PLUS Mirage Grey, PLUS Peach Pink, PLUS Platinum White, PLUS Sepia Black, Sepia Black