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Cybex Platinum Sirona T i-Size 45-105 cm

309.95 - 359.95

Safety for children, convenience for parents. The rear-facing Sirona T i-Size car seat is equipped with a 360° ventilation system.

The Plus line also has an integrated sun canopy.

Suitable from birth to 4 years (child height 45 – 105cm; max weight 18kg)

Approved according to the regulation: ECE R129/03 regulation

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Enjoy a perfect journey with the booster seat Cybex Platinum Sirona T i-Size facing against the direction of travel.

Your child will be able to travel wrapped up in maximum comfort thanks to the exceptional features of this seat, such as the 360° ventilation system which ensures an optimal temperature in every season.

The 360° rotation allows you to get your child in and out of the car effortlessly and change the position of the stroller in seconds.

And if your child needs a little extra comfort, just use one hand to recline the seat.

Furthermore, thanks to the latest generation safety features such as the linear side-impact protection system, you can travel in complete peace of mind.

Get ready for a carefree journey with your baby and Cybex Platinum Sirona T i-Size.

Up to 50% more security

Sirona T i-Size is a rear-facing seat that offers excellent protection in the event of an accident, reducing the risk of neck and head injuries and increasing safety by 50% (compared to the same forward-facing seat; result of tests conducted according to the ADAC 2022 criteria).

In the event of an accident, the child is pushed backwards against the seat shell where the forces are distributed and lose intensity.

The reverse position is mandatory at least in the first 15 months (76 cm in height). After that, you can address Sirona T-Size forwards although it is advisable to maintain the position in reverse until the age of four (where possible).

Optimal breathability

The 360° ventilation system ensures maximum comfort in every season.

Also, the version in plus fabric offers a greater passage of air thanks to the mesh window which increases breathability levels up to six times (compared to conventional fabric). The Plus line is also equipped with a sun canopy with mesh inserts to keep your baby cool and protected.

Effortless entry and exit from the car

Get your child in or out of the car with ease. The 360° rotation system allows you to rotate Sirona T i-Size towards the car door with one hand, making your life easier and reducing physical effort.

The reverse position is mandatory in the first 15 months (up to a height of 76 cm). Subsequently, you can choose whether to keep it or to face the seat towards the direction of travel for greater comfort.

Comfort during the journey

Sirona T i-Size has five levels of recline both when facing backwards and forwards. It can also be reclined by turning it on its base. Only one hand is needed for reclining, so as to keep the other free.

Accompany the child in growth

Sirona T i-Size grows with your child thanks to headrest adjustable in 12 positions designed to accommodate rapid growth. The 12 different levels of adjustment allow the seat to be adapted to the height of the child in the first four years, guaranteeing optimal protection at all times.

Also ideal for the smallest travellers

The infant insert ensures an almost lying position for safe travel from birth. The baby's head is kept in an ideal ergonomic position, especially while sleeping. When the child grows and exceeds 60cm in height, the infant insert can be removed.


Installation with base: pay attention to the i-Size logo. If your vehicle seat is marked with this logo, it is suitable for use with all i-Size child seats. If your vehicle is not equipped with an i-Size seat, check its compatibility on the manufacturer's website.

Product details:

Age range: from birth to 4 years.

Child height: 45-105cm

Weight of the child: Max. 18 kg

Approved according to the regulation: ECE R129/03 regulation

Dimensions and weight:

71,5 cm length
Width 43 cm
Height 68 cm

Weight 15 kg

Care instructions:

The fabric covers are machine washable at 30°

Compatible with:

Base T, Base Z2.

The package contains:

Sirona T i-Size child seat
Solar hood
Infant insert
User Guide


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PLUS Nautical Blue, Mirage Grey, PLUS Cozy Beige, PLUS Mirage Grey, PLUS Peach Pink, PLUS Platinum White, PLUS Sepia Black, Sepia Black