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Cybex Gold Lemo Learning Tower Set



Transform the Cybex Lemo high chair into a true Montessori learning tower. Help curious children explore the home environment.

Attaches easily to Lemo Chair: extremely convenient, because a separate learning tower is not needed.


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With Cybex Lemo Learning Tower Children are free to explore and interact by participating in daily activities and developing a sense of independence through challenging tasks.

Il Lemo Learning Tower Set easily attaches to Cybex Lemo high chair (sold separately), allowing your child to explore and get involved in family activities, from helping make dinner to playing with siblings. It also helps your baby develop vital language, cognitive and social skills, as well as fostering parent-child bonding.

Since it connects to the Cybex Lemo high chair, there is no need to purchase a separate learning tower, making it an economical and space-saving solution. Cybex Lemo Learning Tower It is compact for easy storage when not in use.

One-handed installation

Transform Lemo Chair into a learning tower with this smart accessory. The installation of the Lemo Learning Tower Set takes a few seconds without the need for tools: two clicks and done.

High-end exploration

Cybex Gold Lemo Learning Tower Set Encourage children to participate in daily tasks and explore their home environment. Interacting with family members at the same height promotes social interaction, developing trust, independence and dexterity.

Excellent stability

The clever design transfers weight to the bottom of the Lemo high chair, ensuring stability. Higher up, a protective ring supports your child's back. Non-slip silicone mats on the seat and footrest add extra grip as your child stands or climbs.

It adapts to age

As your baby grows, so can the Learning tower. Give them an easy climbing position and the legroom they need by adjusting the seat and footrest accordingly. Lemo Chair. Adjustment is effortless with one hand and no tools are required.

Product details:

Age range compatible with Lemo Chair (available separately): From 1 year to 25 kg (approximately 5 years)

Care instructions:
Clean with a cloth

Compatible with:
Lemo Chair Set Lemo 4-in-1 Set Lemo 3-in-1


Learning Tower Dimensions:

Open: 45,7cm x 35,2cm x 46cm

Closed: 45,7cm x 35,2cm x 13,5cm

Weight: 8,9 kg

Dimensions Silicone Mats:

For the seat: 35,6 cm x 29,8 cm

For the footstool: 35,6cm x 23,2cm

The package contains:

1 Lemo learning tower
1 silicone mat for the seat
1 Silicone footrest mat

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All White, Pearl Pink, Stone Blue, Stunning Black, Suede Grey