Cybex Highchair Lemo 3-in-1 All White
Cybex Lemo 3-in-1 Highchair Pearl Pink
Cybex Lemo 3-in-1 Highchair Stone Blue
Cybex Lemo 3-in-1 Stunning Black Highchair
Cybex Highchair Lemo 3-in-1 Suede Gray
Cybex Lemo 3-in-1 Highchair Sand White
Brand name:

Cybex Gold LEMO 3 in 1 high chair



Evolutionary chair from 6 months to approx. 99 years (about 95 kg)

Aluminum frame with plastic seat and footrest

The 3 in 1, in addition to the high chair Lemo, contains the Tray and the session Baby set



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Cybex 3-in-1 LEMO highchair it is an evolutionary chair, a chair for life.

From 6 months to approx. 99 years (about 95 kg)


The CYBEX LEMO collection stands out from normal children's furniture with its clear design language: minimalist aesthetics and functional sophistication.

Color, form and function come together to create an iconic piece of furniture. All the items in the collection fit perfectly into the home of modern parents thanks to their clean and simple lines.

A piece of furniture thus becomes an elegant design element that highlights the character of the room without dominating it.

Cybex LEMO 3-in-1 system:

You can use the Lemo chair from 6 months with the Baby set and tray that transform it into a classic high chair; when your child is ready for a chair without accessories, he satisfies the lifestyle and functional needs of the whole family.


Smart adjustment function

With one hand it allows comfortable height and depth adjustments in seconds.

This guarantees a ergonomic seat optimized as the child grows and offers a perfect fit for people of any age afterwards.

The silicone foot caps, located on the front legs, make the seat very stable.

In combination with the wheels on the hind legs, tipping is avoided.

Quick assembly, timeless design

4 screws make assembly child's play. The modern design made of FSC certified wood is simple and elegant.


Suitable from 6 months to approx. 99 years (about 95 kg)
Optional: you can use Lemo from birth with Bouncer Lemo Bouncer
One-hand adjustment function
Individual height and depth adjustments
Silicone protectors and rollover prevention system (TPS)
Quick assembly, timeless design: only 4 screws

Measurements in mm: L 560 x P 530 x H 820

Weight: 8,0 kg

Aluminum frame with plastic seat and footrest

The package contains:

1 Cybex LEMO high chair
1 Seat Baby Set Cybex LEMO high chair
1 Tray Cybex LEMO high chair
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