Brand name:

Babymoov Bottle Brush and Teat Brush


Brush equipped with two brushes, perfect for effectively cleaning bottles and teats.
Made of safe, BPA-free material.


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Babymoov Bottle Brush and Teat Brush It is an essential accessory for thoroughly cleaning your baby's bottles and teats!

Babymoov Bottle Brush and Teat Brush It is equipped with two interchangeable brushes, a large one suitable for all bottle sizes and a smaller one for cleaning teats.

The bristles of the brushes guarantee effective and thorough cleaning and reach even the most difficult places to reach with a normal sponge.

Features an integrated suction cup to ensure quick and hygienic drying.


Brushes: Nylon
Handle: PP
Suction cup: Silicone

The package contains:

1 pipe cleaner.