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Babymoov Milky Now 1.1 L Bottle Maker


Practical and convenient, it allows you to prepare a bottle with powdered milk in a very short time.
It heats water up to 100° and allows you to lower it to the desired temperature.
Maintains temperature for 6 hours.
Dispenses up to 60ml automatically.


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Babymoov Milky Now allows you to prepare a bottle with powdered milk for your baby in no time!

Simply set the desired temperature via the touch screen, Babymoov Milky Now heats bottle water in less than 1 minute*.

And there's no need to measure what you pour: it can dispense 60ml** automatically.

La Kettle function, allows you to heat water up to 100° C to eliminate any potential bacteria and ensure cleanliness. Thanks to its integrated cooling system, you just need to wait a few minutes for the water to return to the desired temperature.

The ideal temperature of the bottle is close to that of breast milk, i.e. around 37°C.

It is possible to lower the temperature from 100° to 37° in 25 seconds.

Babymoov Milky Now It has a large capacity of 1.1 L, thanks to its "keep warm" function, you can prepare a bottle of milk whenever you want!

The water will always be at the right temperature, regardless of the time of day. It can also be used for hot drinks for mom or dad.

Heating time: 36 seconds to heat 0,3 L of water from 20°C to 37°C.

It guarantees easy maintenance, with a stainless steel water tank for maximum hygiene. Its “CLEAN” function allows you to easily clean all water circuits. For optimal cleaning, you can add a few drops of lemon juice to the water before pressing the “CLEAN” button 2 or 3 times.

When using the product for the first time, it is recommended to start the "CLEAN" function, to ensure that the ducts are perfectly clean, and then to completely empty the tank.

*Tested with 300 ml of water at room temperature at 20°c

**A tolerance due to the product and containers used must be taken into consideration.



Heats water for bottles or other hot drinks to the exact degree and keeps it at the right temperature for 6 hours
Easily set the desired temperature via the touch screen and control with the actual temperature display on the screen
Large capacity (1.1L): up to 12 bottles
You can boil your water at 100°C to kill any potential bacteria and ensure cleanliness
Easy to clean thanks to its stainless steel surface and its “CLEAN” function.

Product details:

Input: 220 V – 50 Hz.
Heating power: 800W.
Maximum capacity: 1,1 L

The package contains:

1 bottle maker