Brand name:

Inglesina Ally Pad Anti-abandonment device


Anti-abandonment device, detects the presence of the child in the car, thus reducing the risk of abandonment.

Can be used with all Inglesina car seats

Made in Italy:


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Inglesina Ally Pad is the new anti-abandonment device that detects the presence of the child in the car, thus reducing the risk of abandonment.

Compatible with all Inglesina car seats in circulation.

Easy to Install

Ally Pad is easy to install in all Inglesina car seats.

It can be used from birth in the carrycot, on the 0+ car seat to larger seats, thus following the growth of the child.

In the spacecraft, remove the mattress or Welcome Pad (if present) and pass the leg spreader belt through the Ally Pad slot, keeping the “Inglesina Ally Pad” logo facing upwards.

Reposition the mattress, passing the leg spreader belt and the rest of the car kit again through the slots of the Welcome Pad.

In Group 0 + / 1 and i-Size car seats with integrated safety belts, if the reducer cushion is present, the anti-abandonment device must always be positioned above, by passing the leg-spreader belt through the horizontal slot of the cushion.

In Group 2-3 car seats, Ally Pad must be inserted under the textile upholstery of the seat, with the slot facing upwards.

Make sure that the “Inglesina Ally Pad” logo is always facing outwards.

With this type of child seat, the rigid insert supplied with the device must be used, which will be positioned under the textile upholstery of the seat, naturally bending at the slot.

During normal use, the device may move, so always make sure that the app correctly detects the presence of the child before placing it in the seat.

Travel safely

Through our double notice (visual and audible) parents will be promptly notified if they leave the vehicle leaving the child in the seat.

In case of no response, the App sends an SMS to the preset emergency contacts indicating the geographic coordinates of the phone at the time of disconnection.

An app designed for you

Thanks to the App that can be downloaded for free via the App Store and Google Play, you can pair your smartphone with the anti-abandonment device and stay connected to Ally Pad.

Compliant with the principle of law 117 of 10/01/2018, which requires a device to prevent abandonment: the warning function is activated as soon as the car is turned off and helps to remind you that the child is still sitting.

Increase security with Inglesina Ally Key:

Used as a car key ring, it automatically pairs with Ally Pad and allows you to have an anti-abandonment system that works without a smartphone!

Inglesina Ally Key is an optional accessory (sold separately)

Essential Ally Pad functional features compliant with the law:

Suitable for children from 0 to 4 years.

It is activated automatically with each use.

Emits activation signal

When the car is turned off, it emits an audible alarm if the child is still in its seat.

Equipped with an automatic communication system for sending notifications through apps and smartphones.


Weight: Kg 0,1
Dimensions: 29 18,5 cm x

Made in Italy:

The package contains:

1 anti abandonment device