First Book in Double-Sided Fabric First book by Tiny Love
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Tiny Love First Book in Fabric Double-Sided First book Meadow Days


This soft fabric book with illustrations is made to stimulate your baby's senses from the first months of life!

Suitable from birth.


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Tiny Love First Book in Double-Sided Fabric is a soft book with illustrations designed to stimulate the child's eyesight from the first months of life.

It is made with illustrations suitable for two stages of growth to stimulate vision and play:

Encourage baby's sight with a contrasting black and white design on one side.

Extends tummy time play with 7 fun activities that will help your baby spend more time on the tummy by strengthening the shoulder and neck muscles.

Stimulates baby's senses with playful textures, contrasting shapes and colorful characters that offer essential visual and tactile stimulation.

Portable, easy to fold up and take with you wherever you go, for some fun and involvement on the go. Easily fits into most cots.

Tiny Love First Book in Double-Sided Fabric accompanies your baby as he grows:

0-3+ months: senses – visual stimulation

The black and white side offers essential visual stimulation for babies from day one.

Place the book at a convenient distance from the child (about 20 cm) and let him try to focus his gaze on the contrasting shapes and the mirror.

3+ months: fine motor skills – hand muscles

The child's eyesight is already quite developed and he can now devote himself to the colored side of the book and explore the various activities (satin ribbons, puckered tail and others) thus developing motor skills.

0-6+ months: gross motor skills – tummy time

Both sides will stimulate baby in earlier and later stages of development, helping extend tummy time play.

Place the baby on his tummy with the book at hand and let him explore the toy with his eyes, hands and mouth.

3-6 + months: cognition – permanent object

Playing the cuckoo game is a wonderful way to help the child understand the idea of ​​object permanence, realizing that things stay where they are even if he cannot see them.


Strong contrast colors: black and white
Different fabrics and figures in relief
Cuckoo rustling game
Satin ribbons

The package contains:

1 baby fabric book