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Suavinex Dreams Pacifier 18-36 months – 2pcs


Set of 2 premium pacifiers with SX Pro symmetrical teat, it will feel like you don't have a pacifier!

Designed to respect the development of the child's oral cavity.

Age: 18+ months

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Suavinex Pacifier with physiological teat SX pro in silicone, for the most natural suction possible.

Thanks to the symmetrical and flat shape of the teat, it can always be positioned correctly in the baby's mouth, both in one direction and the other, there will be no differences and it will exert minimal pressure on the palate.

La SX pro symmetrical teat leaves more room for the tongue in the oral cavity so that the suction is as natural as possible

Made of soft granulated silicone that mimics the touch and texture of the teat and ensures maximum flexibility to adapt to the palate.

The Suavinex Pacifier it has a transparent shield for a more delicate visual integration on the child's face. Furthermore, the larger central piece makes the decoration the protagonist!

Features symmetrical SX pro:

Leave more room for the tongue in the oral cavity so that sucking is as natural as possible
Neck thinner and wider, allows you to close your mouth almost completely. Better distributes the pressure exerted on the gums / teeth.
Flatter symmetrical head, leave room for the tongue to rest.
shorter head, favors the folding of the head on the palate.
Soft granulated silicone, mimics the feel and texture of the nipple. Maximum flexibility to adapt to the palate.

Age: 18+ months

The package contains:

2 soother


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