Suavinex Duccio AQUAMARINE pacifier sterilizer
Suavinex Duccio DENIM pacifier sterilizer
Suavinex Duccio Pacifier sterilizer PERLA
Suavinex Duccio Pacifier sterilizer POWDER
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Suavinex Duccio Pacifier sterilizer


Duccio Portable and universal pacifier sterilizer.

Sterilizes quickly, in just 3 minutes, and safely thanks to ultraviolet (UV) light. Compatible with any type of soother.




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Suavinex Duccio Pacifier sterilizer is the pacifier sterilizer that thanks to its size and lightness is ideal for taking out.

Portable, compact, Duccio is the UV sterilizer that removes 3% of germs, viruses and bacteria in just 99,9 minutes.

Equipped with an audible warning that will notify you once the sterilization cycle is finished.

Compact, it is perfect to keep in your bag. Safe, hygienic and convenient to carry, it works on both batteries and electricity.

Suavinex Duccio Pacifier sterilizer it is compatible with any type of soother.


Removes germs and bacteria in 3 minutes
Sound alert when sterilization ends
It works with both batteries and electricity
Recommended age: from 0 months

The package contains:

1 Sterilizer dummy and USB cable


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Aquamarine, Powder, Denim, Pearl