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A practical Stokke-style storage box, to have everything you need for baby food always at hand.

Easy and safe to attach to Tripp Trapp chairs with no tools required


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STOKKE TRIPP TRAPP Storage is made specifically for the iconic TRIPP TRAPP® chair.

Designed to easily clip onto the backrest it is perfect for small spaces.

It can hold bibs, toys and baby food items, all within easy reach.

When the child is older, he can store the toys and the necessary for drawing in his favorite chair, to have them immediately ready for use.

This means that STOKKE® TRIPP TRAPP® Storage compartment it can be used throughout the life cycle of the TRIPP TRAPP® chair, from birth to adulthood. It can be easily removed from the chair and placed on the floor or table when children play and interact.

White color


Designer: Peter Opsvik
A flexible storage solution that accompanies the entire life cycle of the chair.
Efficient and perfect for small spaces.
Easy to attach to TRIPP TRAPP® chairs without the need for tools.
Easy to unhook so your child can remove the container and place it on the table or floor.
Practical to have everything you need for baby food always at hand.
Easy to clean, even in the dishwasher.
Durable plastic, BPA free.
It can hold up to 1 kg.
Keeps your child's drawing and games tidy.
Height easily accessible by toddlers.
Compatible with all TRIPP TRAPP® accessories.
Compatible with all TRIPP TRAPP® chairs produced since 2003.


Please remove all accessories before attaching and detaching the TRIPP TRAPP® Storage Holder from your chair.

When using TRIPP TRAPP® Storage with the TRIPP TRAPP® Classic Cushion, first attach the cushion to the chair with the back side to ensure the TRIPP TRAPP® Storage is securely mounted to the TRIPP TRAPP® Chair.

NOTE: In combination with the TRIPP TRAPP® Baby Set, always attach the Tripp Trapp Organizer first.

The package contains:

1 Tray for Tripp Trapp