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Stokke MuTable V2 Dollhouse Figures


Made for Stokke MuTable V2 Dollhouse (sold separately)

Includes 6 adorable wooden dolls of different ages and with colorful outfits.

For younger children and 3 years and older


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Stokke MuTable V2 Dollhouse Figures (sold separately)

The Doll Playset Stokke MuTable It is made by Hape Toys.

It includes 6 adorable wooden dolls of different ages and with colorful clothes for the child to enjoy playing on their own.

Your little one will be able to use their imagination to create their own world full of possibilities. Creating scenarios that resemble real life encourages children to talk about thoughts and feelings. Imaginary games like this spark creativity and help children develop social skills, problem-solving skills, organizational skills and, of course, fine motor skills.​
Designed for the Stokke® MuTable™ Playhouse


A play set of 6 high quality, colorful dolls
Encourage imaginative play
It enhances the development of fine motor skills
Helps develop hand-eye coordination
Promotes collaboration when playing with friends or siblings
Encourage imaginative play to fuel creativity
Manufactured by Hape Toys
Made of wood
Without harmful substances
For toddlers and children over the age of 3

Materials: solid beech wood, ABS, Fabrics

Weight (kg / lbs): 0.12 / 0.3

The package contains:

6 wooden dolls