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These children Bionatural Cot mattress 70 × 140 cm


Cot mattress with integrated certified anti-suffocation system.

Measurements: 70x140x12 cm.

Made in Italy

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These children Bionatural Cot Mattress it helps breathing and benefits the baby's body thanks to its particular composition based on natural substances.

These children Bionatural Cot Mattress it's really special!

The three-level internal structure is revolutionary:

  1. based on a sheet of CFC-free high-density polyurethane foam;
  2. in the center, a Gaia® Viscoelastic plate composed of water, organic raw materials such as soy and a mix of essential oils and officinal herbs;
  3. while the upper part (resting side) is made up of an alveolar DrySense plate which, by favoring very high air flow values, constitutes, together with the three-dimensional perimeter band, the first and only one.

The wood cellulose fiber fabric, thanks to its high level of absorption and the ability to harmoniously release moisture, has excellent thermal regulation properties, ensuring a pleasant sensation of freshness upon contact.


Security first of all

A healthy rest depends on certified quality materials.
The BRITISH STANDARD is the world reference body for the regulations concerning the various products on the market, whose resulting certifications are intended to inspire trust and provide guarantees to consumers.

The special DRYSENSE honeycomb sheet in combination with the three-dimensional breathable perimeter band
constitutes the exclusive INTEGRATED ANTISOFFOCO SIA SYSTEM of These children.

These children Bionatural Cot Mattress  obtained from the Ministry of Health the CLASS 1 MEDICAL DEVICE certification.

Certified in accordance with BRITISH STANDARD 1877; 1974 with method 4578: 1970 test report n ° IT 304740.



Measures 70x140x12 cm.

Age: 0-4 years old

Removable natural antibacterial outer covering
Triple level structure
Perimeter band in three-dimensional fabric with high transpiration power.
Zipper with slider protected by soft rubber, opening on 3 sides.

Hypoallergenic, breathable, orthopedic, antibacterial, removable, washable, thermo-active, lenpur, anti-mite, biodegradable, ecological and anti-suffocation.

Covering: Lenpur ™ wood cellulose fiber stretch mesh, 280 gr / mXNUMX, with three-dimensional transpiring perimeter band. Removable, quilted.
Internal structure: TRIPLE SHEET upper structure in alveolar DrySense + Gaia Waterlily ™ Viscoelastic + lower load-bearing structure in high density CFC-free polyurethane foam, High load-bearing capacity.

Made in Italy


A healthy rest depends on certified quality materials.

The range of mattresses and sleep accessories These children it is the result of advanced research on all materials, on the support offered by the various products to the individual body physiognomy, on the benefits that a good rest can therefore offer to the health of the child.

The high quality standard and the pursuit of excellence is perceived not only by the pleasant aesthetic appearance, but also by the technical characteristics of the products.

Particularly accurate and removable covers, comfortable and soft quilting, natural antibacterial and certified anti-mite protection systems, exclusive paddings that favor the exchange of air between the mattress and the external environment.


Dedicated to mothers

Foundation of the philosophy of These children is the pursuit of excellence, the mission is to offer "true value" to mothers thanks to the elegance in the details, style and practicality that only a rigorous Made in Italy can guarantee!

A world made of colors and soft sensations will help children grow with serenity and in total safety.

These children, 100% Made in Italy

CERTIFICATIONS: the products These children are tested by international institutes that certify their technical performance and the absence of harmful substances, in order to obtain the indispensable reliability and safety required by the