Miniland WARMY DIGY bottle warmer
Miniland WARMY DIGY bottle warmer
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Miniland WARMY DIGY bottle warmer


It allows you to heat any type of bottle or jar to the perfect temperature in a few minutes. Your baby's meal ready in an instant.



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Miniland WARMY DIGY bottle warmer quickly heats baby bottles and jars.

Heats baby bottles and jars in a simple and natural way

Miniland WARMY DIGY bottle warmer heats baby bottles and baby food in a record time (3 minutes) and in a natural way using water vapor at high temperature.

Thanks to its gentle and uniform heating, you can also heat breast milk without losing any of its nutritional properties.

It heats in a natural way using high temperature water vapor, obtaining the art of jars at a uniform temperature and suitable for the baby, thus avoiding the disadvantages of other methods such as the microwave.

Ideal for warming breast milk

Thanks to the gentle and uniform heating, none of the properties of breast milk are lost during the process, preserving nutrients and vitamins, and reaching a temperature similar to that of the mother's body, so as to approach natural breastfeeding.

Parents will know the remaining warm-up time at all times

With warmy digy you can select the desired heating time and observe the remaining time of the process thanks to its display.

Very easy to use

It is controlled by three simple buttons that allow you to switch the appliance off and on and configure the duration of the heating process.

Adjustable temperature to the needs of the baby

Since not all babies are the same, thanks to its timer it allows you to heat milk or jars to the temperature preferred by the little ones.

Visual and sound warnings, and maximum safety

A visual and audible warning indicates when the heating has finished or when the water has run out, and the appliance switches off automatically.

Removable and easy to clean

All accessories can be washed with soapy water and a sponge or even in the dishwasher. The base can be cleaned with a damp cloth.