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Miniland Baby Monitor Video and Audio Digimonitor 4.3″ Pro


Multifunctional portable baby monitor with rotatable camera and night view.

Possibility to connect up to 2 cameras.


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Miniland Digimonitor 4.3″ Pro it is an intelligent baby monitor equipped with a camera.

Thanks to the excellent video quality of its 4,3" screen, the clarity of the audio and a range of up to 240 metres, parents will be able to see and hear their child perfectly throughout the house and without interference.

The pan&tilt technology allows you to turn the camera vertically and horizontally from the monitor to be able to see any corner of the bedroom.

The baby monitor is equipped with car's battery performance to be able to use it outside the home too.

With theaudio activation, the baby monitor remains silent and with the screen turned off while the baby sleeps, and activates automatically as soon as it detects the slightest sound. Since some babies are louder than others, parents can even adjust the sensitivity of the baby monitor to suit their little one's personality. If, however, parents prefer to hear the baby's room at all times, they can use the stand-by mode, which only turns off the screen to prevent the light from disturbing sleep.

Allows you to connect up to two cameras to the same monitor and watch them at the same time, thanks to the multi-screen view function.

Integra four therapeutic ringtones designed specifically by experts for the relaxation of the child in the moments before rest. In addition, it includes a soft anti-dark light that gives a feeling of protection throughout the night.

The parent unit has various indicator lights which light up when sound is detected in the room. A particularly useful option for people with hearing impairments.


4,3 "screen
Range 240 meters
Pan&tilt technology: rotates the camera vertically and horizontally
Equipped with batteries
Adjustable audio
Night view
Soft anti-dark light
4 therapeutic ringtones
Possibility to connect up to 2 cameras

The package contains:

Baby Monitor Digimonitor 4,3″ PRO (parent unit + child unit).
Instructions for Use.