Jabadabado Large Gray Cabinet Bookcase
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Jabadabado Large House Bookcase GRAY – 75 x 99 cm

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Nice little house-shaped bookcase

Dimensions: 12 x 52 x 58 cm

Suitable from 3 years


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JaBaDaBaDo Bookcase Casetta it is perfect for decorating children's bedrooms or playrooms.

Made of sturdy wood, it is perfect for holding your little one's favorite games, books and soft toys!

JaBaDaBaDo Casetta Grande Bookcase it can also be a fun dollhouse.

A bookcase where your child can reach all the shelves and can choose the bedtime story for themselves.

Divided into 4 levels and 7 different rooms. To be placed on the floor and to be screwed to the wall.



Recommended age from: 3+
Size: x 75 24 99 cm x
Material: wood
Color: Grey.

The package contains:

1 bookcase in the shape of a house