Brand name:

innoGIO Silicone Lamp GIOsleepy Bunny


This beautiful lamp with its warm lights and soothing melodies will accompany your child into dreamland!

Size: x 15,97 8,7 16,1 cm x


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innoGIO Silicone Lamp with its warm lights and relaxing melodies it will accompany your child into the world of dreams!

Its friendly and cheerful design will make your child immediately fall in love with it, while the soft and relaxing glow of the light will create the right atmosphere in their room. Pressing the nose activates the melodies, the volume of which can be adjusted on the rear panel of the lamp.

innoGIO Silicone Lamp it is made with a super soft material that guarantees safe use even for the youngest children. Furthermore, the function that allows you to change color by touching the lamp with your hand will guarantee great fun throughout the day.


Size: x 15,97 8,7 16,1 cm x
Material: ABS silicone
Charging via micro USB cable
Color that changes when the lamp is touched
Autonomy up to 8h
7 melodies
It lights up in 8 colors
It changes color gradually every three seconds

The package contains:

1 x Silicone Lamp
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable