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Inglesina System Quattro Aptica with Darwin Recline (without frame)


Haptics, The Glam Crossover.

Tackle all terrains with ease.

Suitable from birth up to 22kg (4 years), from bedtime to walk.

Include: Maxi cradle, Welcome Pad® + mattress, Standup, All Season stroller seat, Darwin Recline model car seat

ATTENTION: the frame is sold separately, it will be automatically added to the cart to complete the trio.

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Haptics is the new System Quattro by Inglesina and follows the growth of the child from birth up to 22 kg (4 years), from sleep to walk.

Equipped with Darwin Infant Recline car seat, approved according to ECE R129/03 regulation.

The System Quattro with its unmistakable Glam style, exceptionally comfortable for the child, extremely easy to use for the parents.

It allows for walking-home-car mobility in the continuity of the child's healthy rest and safe sleep.

Maxi cot

Wheelchair with generous internal dimensions 79 x 37 cm. Prepared for transport by car, it is approved for group 0 (children from 0 to 10 kg), according to the ECE R44/04 standard through the use of the special Car Kit (sold separately).

Ensures maximum well-being for the child:

Thanks to its internal dimensions, it allows for the longest possible use time, even in the winter months, when the child is wrapped in overalls or padded bags.

The backrest can be reclined in different positions to facilitate digestion after feeding.

The bottom is equipped with an aeration control system, to regulate the air flow and the temperature inside the cradle.

The hood in fabric with treatment for UV protection (UPF 50+) is equipped with a removable front panel for protection from direct light even when the sun is low.

The ventilation windows favor the circulation of air inside, to keep the environment cool and ventilated.

Interior made of soft breathable jersey, completely removable and hand washable at 30°C.
External covering in padded fabric, for better thermal insulation, fully removable and washable.
Blanket with windbreak function, to protect the child from the wind and cold.

Culla Maxi is easy and practical to use:
– It is easily transported thanks to the practical handle.
– Easily releases from the frame or stand-up through a convenient centralized mechanism.
– Facilitates the positioning of the newborn thanks to the "quick-access" function of the blanket.
It allows comfortable and safe travel
– Approved for transport in the car using the special Car Kit, it promotes rest and a relaxed position even in the car.
– The rigid polypropylene shell protects the child from accidental bumps.
– For greater safety, the cradle is equipped with an indicator of correct attachment to the frame or Standup support

Maxi Cot Details:

Structure material: polypropylene
Outer cover material: polyester
Inner lining material: jersey knit fabric
Weight: Kg 5,6
Internal dimensions: 79x 37 ​​x 22 cm (length x width x depth)
Homologation: ECE 44/04 with Kit Auto Maxi (sold separately)

Welcome Pad® + Mattress

Welcome Pad® is a special ergonomic support, designed in collaboration with a team of Pediatrician Neonatologists, to welcome the child in the best possible way and accompany him during the delicate first months of his life.
The shape of the Welcome Pad® is designed to give the baby the wrapping and protection it needs, especially in the first 7-9 weeks of life.

It facilitates the comfortable maintenance of the supine position and the alignment of the spine, favoring the correct breathing of the child.

The special shape of the disk, where the newborn rests its head, mitigates the risk of plagiocephaly, better known as flat head syndrome and favors the natural welding of the posterior fontanelle.

Welcome Pad® allows the child's temperature and perspiration to be controlled, thanks to the highly breathable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial bamboo fiber lining and the 3D mesh coupled with foam padding.

All Season stroller

La All Season seat that makes up the stroller of the Aptica system guarantees maximum comfort for the child, in every season.

Equipped with comfort cover, a comfortable padded cover, which completely covers the backrest, to best protect the child from the cold.
In summer mode, the seat in double layer of breathable mesh, allows the passage of air, favoring thermoregulation of the child.
The double structural mesh, of which the backrest is made, guarantees the correct posture of the child by supporting the back.

The seat is very wide and padded (55 x 37 cm).

The backrest, which can be reclined in 4 positions, extends to the sleeping position, via a centralized command.

Equipped with footrest platform.

The shoulder straps and the crotch strap are padded, avoiding direct contact of the straps with the baby's delicate skin.

Furthermore, the Aptica stroller is complete with footmuff, full cover hood with anti-UV treatment (protection factor 50+) and can be easily hooked and unhooked to/from the frame in both directions of travel.

It folds up compact, taking up very little space.

Il Aptica stroller easily tackles all terrains thanks to the large cushioned polyurethane wheels.

It opens and closes with one hand.
Once closed, it is extremely compact and stands on its own, preventing the handle from touching the ground.
Pass through the narrowest spaces, thanks to its small footprint (only 51,5 cm).

It is extremely smooth thanks to the ball bearings on the four wheels (type Abec 5).

The handle is covered with elegant imitation leather and the handle is adjustable in height in 4 positions.
Featuring a large storage basket with integrated pocket. The profile in reflective material makes walking in the evening safer.

 The covers are completely removable and hand washable at 30°C.
Stroller details:

All Season seat

Structure material: polypropylene
Lining material: polyester
Backrest width: 37 cm
Backrest height: 55 cm
Seat width: 30 cm
Stroller seat weight: 3,2 Kg

Stroller dimensions unfolded: 51,5 x 109,5-110,5 x 83-98 cm (width x height x depth)
Folded stroller dimensions (towards the world): 51,5 x 87 x 44,5 cm (width x height x depth)
Folded stroller dimensions (towards the parent): 51,5 x 87 x 46 cm (width x height x depth)

Stroller weight (seat + frame): 10,4 kg

Stand up

Cradle stand. Transform the cradle into a real bed for the night to be placed next to the parents' bed. Also useful for travel during the first few months.

It allows you not to wake up the newborn when he returns from a walk, positioning the cradle in a hygienic and safe way.
For short naps, the car seat can also be attached.
Easy to close and store. Once closed it takes up very little space.

Stand Up product details:

Structure material: aluminium-polypropylene
Weight: Kg 1,9
Dimensions open: 56 x 53 x 70 cm (width x height x depth)
Dimensions closed: 56 x 66,5 x 13 cm (width x height x depth)


DARWIN INFANT Recline car seat

The reclining seat for safe travels in total relaxation!

Inglesina DARWIN INFANT Recline is a reclining car seat approved according to the ECE R129/03 standard, for children from 40 cm up to 75 cm in height (from birth up to approximately 12 months).

Peaceful sleep even when travelling
The child will be able to rest more comfortably even when on the move thanks to the reclining system which allows an almost totally extended position.

Extreme comfort
The recline mechanism lowers the backrest and extends the leg rest, allowing you to align your back and legs in an almost fully reclined position.

It can be reclined both during transport by car and when attached to the chassis.

State-of-the-art security
The innovative ISA (Integrated Shock Absorber) technology absorbs and reduces the energy transmitted to the child in the event of a collision, thus ensuring maximum safety conditions even when lying down.

Side impact protection
High level of protection even in the event of side impacts thanks to the Side Head Protection technology and the polyurethane foam inserts which guarantee extra protection for the child.

The Darwin Infant Recline car seat can be used in the car on its own or in combination with the Darwin car bases (sold separately):

Darwin i-Size base
The use of the base considerably reduces the risk of incorrect installation of the car seat in the car and ensures a solid connection to the car seat.

Darwin i-Size 360° base

The swivel mechanism allows the seat to be easily rotated towards the door, making it easier to place and remove the child from the seat.

The growth of the child follows
The headrest is height adjustable to adapt to the growth of the child. It is easily activated via a centralized command and the belts follow the height of the headboard, without having to disassemble them.

Designed for the maximum well-being of the child
Promotes ideal transpiration thanks to the reducer cushion and headboard covered in bamboo fiber and 3D mesh on the back and the structure is equipped with 149 holes, evenly distributed, to facilitate the passage of air.

The hood, in fabric treated for protection from UV rays (UPF 50+), is equipped with an additional removable front panel.

Not just by car

The Darwin Infant Recline seat can also be used for a walk, hooked to the system frame or used at home as a seat, hooked to the standup support.

It hooks and unhooks with a simple click

Easily attaches to the optional Car Base, Standup or Chassis, without the need for any adapters.

Ergonomic handle

The carrying handle is adjustable in four positions, for an always practical and optimal grip.

Darwin Infant Recline is approved according to the European Regulation ECE R129/03, up to 75 cm in height. Can only be used in the opposite direction to that of travel.

Discover all the optional accessories for Darwin Infant Recline!


The package contains:

Baby cot.
Welcome Pad® + mattress.
Darwin Infant Recline model car seat
Stand up support.
All Season stroller seat + Comfort Cover.
Leg cover for stroller.
Frame box contents:

ATTENTION: the frame is sold separately, it will be automatically added to the cart to complete the trio.

Complete your System Quattro Aptica with accessories!

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