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Inglesina Welcome Pod reducer


This fantastic reducer is a sweet and soft refuge that will accompany your baby from the womb to the outside world!

Suitable from birth to 2 months

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Inglesina Welcome Pod reducer it is a sweet and soft refuge that will accompany your baby from the womb to the outside world!

Its shape makes it easier to maintain the correct position on the stomach, while the rigid support on the back always guarantees the correct posture of your child.

Inglesina Welcome Pod reducer it is designed to be used as it is, without sheets, blankets or other soft elements that can disturb the child's thermal comfort and correct posture.

The use of transpiring materials and natural fabrics such as bamboo and cotton guarantee optimal comfort and breathability, favoring the child's natural thermoregulation.

This reducer is also perfect for the tummy time, that is the time that the newborn spends on his stomach when he is awake, active and wants to interact. This experience is of fundamental importance for his motor and cognitive development.

A moment of play that can be started from the first weeks up to 8 months. The experience consists in the possibility of accompanying the child to discover the prone position in a controlled and comfortable environment, even before learning to turn over or crawl.


Suitable from birth to around 2 months or until baby can roll over or push themselves up onto hands or knees

Perfect for sharing the moment of sleep together in a single room but in separate spaces, placing it on a dedicated cot or bed

Closed dimensions: 82 x 48 x 12.5 cm

Internal area dimensions when closed: 66 x 30 cm

Hand washable in cold water

The package contains:

1 cot/cot reducer

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Delicate Pink, Harmony Grey, Peaceful Blue, Quiet Beige