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Cybex Platinum e-Priam Frame

1,249.95 - 1,299.95

Il e-Priam frame it is the meeting point between intelligent technology and timeless design.

The chassis can be combined with one of three different options, based on the age of the child: the Priam Lux Carry Cot, the Cloud T i-Size car seat or the Priam Seat Pack (stroller seat), to enjoy support uphill and rocking function.

Suitable from birth up to 22 kg (approx. 4 years).

The individual products mentioned above to customize your e-Priam must be purchased separately.


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A revolutionary intelligent technology is combined with a luxurious design in the former Cybex Platinum e-Priam electric stroller.

Intelligent, intuitive and extraordinarily innovative, e-Primam assists you easily in the ascents and descents intelligently adapting to uneven surfaces such as sandy, gravel or stony ground. Experience the magical sensation of transforming a heavy load into a light one, walking a rocky path effortlessly or reaching an impossible peak.

Sensors in the handlebar control the push and pull effort, while an intelligent algorithm drives the motors built into the frame.


From birth to growth

The luxury of choice. Customize your child's rides for the journey ahead. Easily switch between the carrycot, a car seat and a stroller seat.

It is possible to position the seat both facing the parent and facing the road.

The chassis can be combined with one of three different options, based on the age of the child: the Priam Lux Carry Cot, the Cloud T i-Size car seat or the Priam Seat Pack (stroller seat).

You can use it from the first days of life from birth up to 4 years (maximum weight of the child 22 kg).

Intelligent, intuitive and exceptionally innovative, Cybex e-Priam allows you to walk up and down hills with ease, adapting to rough terrain such as sand, gravel and pebbles.

Rocking mode

The world's first function that rocks the booster seat back and forth automatically, calming your baby and gently rocking them to sleep.

Uphill support

Ease of use and less physical effort for the parent.

Cybex e-Priam gives you a hand when you need it most: once activated, the uphill support monitors the pushing effort helping you, allowing a quick climb as if you were walking on a flat surface.




Support for uneven surfaces

e-PRIAM it allows you to drive on rough terrains such as sandy beaches, country lanes and snowy winter roads.

Easier to travel for you, more travel comfort for your baby.


Braking support

Travel in comfort and thanks to the e-PRIAM's brake support function, which detects the traction pressure on the handlebar and consequently slows down the descent.

Drive downhill effortlessly, whether you are traveling with a small infant or an older child.



Features Cybex e-Priam Frame:

One hand closure

Easy to fold with one hand. Its seating unit folds away with the frame in one compact and flat element.

When closed it takes up little space - in a restaurant, on public transport and at home.

One-handed reclining backrest

Thanks to its easy handling, the seat reclines into a comfortable lying position with one hand, transforming the stroller into a comfortable and cozy bed when you travel.

Reversible stroller seat unit

The stroller seat can be easily adjusted to the desired position in a few simple steps, facing mum or facing the street.

One-pull belts:

The unique one-pull harnesses allow you to secure your child in the stroller in seconds and with just one hand. Fitting is simple and comfortable as your child grows.

One hand height adjustable handlebar

The handlebar height can be easily adjusted with one hand.

All-wheel 4-wheel drive suspension

The new independent wheel suspension ensures a soft, quiet and comfortable ride for parents and children.


Powered by a Li-ion battery, Cybex Platiunm e-Priam it has a range of around 8-45km depending on load and conditions.

The battery can be recharged within six hours and the charge status is easily checked via an LED indicator in the rear axle.


Handlebar sensors detect push and pull effort, while an intelligent algorithm continuously works to calculate the optimal amount of support needed, adapting to travel conditions and changing terrain in the blink of an eye.


The e-PRIAM's two electric motors add motorized support when needed and are quiet enough for your baby to sleep without interruption.

Discreetly positioned behind the rear wheels, the motors are attached to either end of the rear axle.


Product details:

From birth up to 22 kg (approximately 4 years)
Aluminum frame, stable and easy to handle!
It closes with one hand and stands on its own even when closed.
Single telescopic handle in imitation leather adjustable in height.
Child protection bar, covered in imitation leather, opens laterally to facilitate the insertion of the child in the stroller.
Lower basket XL is expandable, with a maximum capacity of 5 kg.
All-Terrain wheels, in puncture-proof rubber thanks to the foam filling.
Swiveling front wheels, lockable for greater stability on uneven surfaces.
Suspension on all wheels for maximum comfort during walks.

Closed dimensions without seat unit: L 950mm / W 600mm / H 300mm
Compact closed dimensions without seat unit (wheels disassembled): L 800mm / W 510mm / H 210mm

Weight: 10,6 kg

The package contains:

e-Priam 4.0 frame with wheels, seat structure, basket, child protection bar, rain cover, adapters for baby carrier and carrycot, battery and charger (EU), user manual


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Chrome Black, Chrome Brown, Matt Black, Rosegold