Cybex Gold Sirona Gi i-Size car seat from 61 to 105 cm

369.95 - 399.95

Sirona Gi i-Size: all-round comfort and safety for the first four years.

Suitable from about 3 months to 4 years (max weight 20Kg)

La rotation to 360 ° allows a more comfortable entry and exit from the car for the child.

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Sirona Gi i-Size, safety and comfort at 360°!

The car seat Sirona Gi i-Size travels facing backwards to the direction of travel, to ensure a higher level of safety, it is equipped with the linear side impact protection system which guarantees total protection.

Suitable from about 3 months to 4 years (max weight 20Kg)

It can be used from birth with the appropriate infant reducer, sold separately.

La rotation to 360 ° allows a more comfortable entry and exit from the car for the child. The ventilation, also at 360°, ensures maximum freshness during car journeys.

Try the Plus version with an additional mesh window for more breathability!

Five different reclining positions guarantee maximum comfort in every position for both newborns and older children.


Increased levels of security up to 50%*

The reverse position is undoubtedly one of the safest ways to travel. In the moments following a frontal impact, the child's body is pushed against the seat shell, minimizing movements and reducing the force acting on the neck. The reverse position is mandatory up to 15 months (76 cm) but it is advisable to keep it as long as possible.

Sirona Gi i-Size it is designed to ensure comfortable reverse travel up to 20 kg

(*compared to the same forward-facing seat in a frontal crash. Result obtained in an internal test based on the ADAC 2022 frontal crash test criteria).

Side protection

The Linear Side-impact Protection System protects the child in the event of a side impact. Working together with the highly energy-absorbing shell, the LSP system greatly reduces the effect of impact force on the child.

It accompanies the growth of the child up to 4 years

As the child grows you can adjust the headrest of Sirona Gi i-Size to guarantee him a comfortable position at all times. Choose from 12 adjustment levels and adjust the belt automatically with one hand.

Maximum comfort always

Find the level of recline ideal from the first days and during each stage of growth. Choose from five different positions in both driving directions and boarding position. When the child falls asleep, you can recline the backrest with one hand, ensuring a pleasant rest.

Quick and easy entry by car

Take the stress out of your travels! To get the child into the car, just rotate the seat towards the door. In this way you will avoid straining his back, while he will remain comfortable in a reclined position.

Optimal breathability

Maximum comfort in all seasons. The 360° ventilation system allows air to pass through the channels of the seat, dissipating heat and preventing the child from sweating during the journey.

The Plus version includes a mesh fabric that increases breathability six times compared to commonly used fabrics.

Simple installation and placement in the car

To configure Sirona Gi i-Size it really only takes a few seconds. Use an ergonomic handle to secure the ISOFIX system to the car seat and extend the load leg. Both will ensure maximum stability and safety. Visual indicators will confirm when the seat is ready for use.

Installation with base: Pay attention to the i-Size logo.

If your vehicle seat is marked with this logo, it is suitable for use with all i-Size car seats and will therefore not appear in our list of compatible vehicles. If your vehicle is not equipped with an i-Size seat, check its compatibility.

Product details:

Age range: Approximately 3 months to 4 years (from birth with infant insert) Child's height: 61 – 105cm (from 40cm with infant insert sold separately)

Care instructions:

The fabric covers are machine washable at 30°

The package contains:

1 car seat with base

Additional information


Lava Grey, Moon Black, PLUS Beach Blue, PLUS Hibiscus Red, PLUS Lava Grey, PLUS Moon Black, PLUS Ocean Blue