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Bluon Semiperdo Bracelet


The smart bracelets If I lose myself they communicate with smartphones and PCs: if they are found, they geolocate the position and send instant notifications to the whole family, allowing you to call, send text messages or WhatsApp or immediately chat with family members.

One size fits all for 1-12 years old kids

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Bluon Semiperdo Bracelet communicates with smartphones and PCs: it geolocates the location of the find and allows you to call, send text messages or enter into automatic chat with family members.

One size fits all for 1-12 years old kids

Thanks to Integrated NFC microchip in the elastomeric fiber, a gesture is enough to send the geolocated position on an interactive map to family members.
Furthermore, those who find the lost child, simply by placing their smartphone next to the bracelet and without the need for any app installation, directly view the buttons for calling the phone and sending SMS or WhatsApp, while after a few seconds an automatic chat also shows the first info rescue.

In the personal area, family members can activate all the alerts they want (email, Facebook Messenger, instant notifications in the foreground on mobile phones and computers) using a clear and clean interface.

Bluon Semiperdo Bracelet allows parents to hug their children as quickly as possible, especially in crowded places (parks, shopping centres, beaches, stations, airports and all places, in the city or on vacation, at risk for the child).

I Semiperdo smart bracelets they are soft, completely impermeable to fresh, chlorinated and salt water and weigh just 2 grams!
Non-toxic and hypoallergenic, made with Oekotex® certified fibre, without any emission of electromagnetic waves, the If I lose myself they can always be kept on the wrist to ensure maximum safety!

How does it work?

If found, the geolocated position of the child wearing the Half lost bracelet it can be found on an interactive map and sent to registered mobile phones, tablets or PCs. The weather conditions and the fastest route to reach the lost child are also indicated.


To use If I lose myself you don't need to download any app: just any device connected to the Internet. It works anywhere in the world without limitations and is double-sided: it is in Italian, but if you turn it up it can be worn with the wording printed in English.

Instant notifications

In addition to alert e-mails, the system sends instant notifications to registered mobile phones, tablets and PCs. By clicking on the notification you can immediately know, if detected, the geolocated position of your child. And you can ask too Alexa!

Simple to use

It can be set up in just a few moments and requires no maintenance: no battery, no SIM card, no subscriptions are needed! Semiperdo has all services included for life!

Resistant and waterproof

The material is non-toxic, elastic and breathable. Plus, it's totally waterproof. It resists fresh and salt water and temperatures up to 90°.

Safety first

The data recorded in Semiperdo is encrypted with algorithms with the highest security standards on the market: they are stored in the cloud and are unalterable over time.


NFC technology allows close-range communication with all recent smartphones and is now a standard: it is already normally used to pay in "contactless" mode.

Totally harmless

Semiperdo is equipped with a passive electronic circuit, without any emission of electromagnetic waves: it is totally harmless and safe.


The breathable properties of the fabric ensure freshness, hygiene and very quick drying times. Comfort is total in all situations. The fabric and the print are OEKO-TEX® certified: it means that If I lose myself does not contain any harmful substances.

Product details:

Case cm. 15x5x2,5 with UV varnish on the details and authenticity hologram.

One size: 1-12 years
Double sided: ITALIANO / ENGLISH


The package contains:

1 bracelet

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