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Avent Philips Natural Teats 3.0 Flow 5, 6+ Months


Set consisting of two flow 5 teats. BPA free.
Natural 3.0 teats are equipped with an anti-colic valve that helps prevent air from entering the baby's tummy during breastfeeding.
Recommended from 6+ months.


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Avent Philips Natural Teats 3.0 they release milk only when the baby actively sucks. The baby can drink, swallow and breathe using the natural rhythm, like on the breast.

Avent Philips Natural Teats 3.0  They facilitate the combination of breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

The teats are made of food grade silicone.


The teat releases milk when the baby begins to suck
Natural breastfeeding with breast-shaped teat
Designed to reduce colic and other ailments
The anti-leak teat prevents milk spills
Free of BPA

Recommended age: flow teat 5, 6+ months

The package contains:

2 teats.