Brand name:

Avent Philips Baby Monitor Dect


Practical baby monitor which thanks to DECT technology guarantees clear, 100% private audio.
It allows you to talk to your child remotely.


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Avent Philips Baby Monitor Dect guarantees greater flexibility, thanks to the batteries that last 24 hours without needing to be recharged and the crystal-clear sound.

Thanks to the temperature sensor, soothing night light and lullabies, it can create a comfortable environment for your baby.

DECT technology ensures a secure and private connection, to ensure that no other people are listening. In fact, you will be able to take advantage of the complete elimination of interference generated by other devices, for example other baby monitors, cordless telephones and mobile phones.

ECO Smart mode automatically reduces audio transmission and increases battery life. The closer you are to your baby, the less power is needed for a perfect connection.

Indoor range: up to 50 m; outdoor range: up to 330 m.

Three lights indicate the audio level in the baby's room, even when the parent unit is muted. Thanks to the LED indicator you will always be able to know when the baby monitor is within range and connected. The parent unit alerts you when the baby monitor is out of range or when the battery is low, ensuring a continuous connection with your baby.

There's nothing like a gentle lullaby and a warm, calm nightlight to calm a restless baby. Play one of 5 soothing melodies and turn on the night light from any room in the house. Help your baby fall back to sleep effortlessly in no time.

Sometimes, all your baby needs is the soothing sound of your voice. With a simple click, this essential feature allows you to talk to your baby from any room in the house.

The temperature sensor allows you to monitor the climate of the baby's room and set a personalized alarm if the temperature changes.


DECT Technology guarantees complete elimination of interference, 100% private
Clear audio, thanks to DECT technology
The energy-saving ECO Smart mode minimizes transmission
Range up to 330 m *
More flexibility thanks to monitoring for up to 24 hours
Always check your connection thanks to LED alerts
Pleasant night light and lullabies to calm your little one
Talk to the child remotely
Measure your baby's room temperature and set alarms

The package contains:

2 audio baby monitors
2 AA batteries
1 x Belt Clip
2 power supplies