3 Sprouts Front Bookcase
Brand name:

3 Sprouts Montessorian Frontal Bookcase Drago


Front-facing book storage makes it easy for little readers to locate their favorite book!

Perfect height for your little one

Size: x 61 63 25,4 cm x


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3 Sprouts Montessorian Frontal Library encourages autonomy and independence in children.

Thanks to the small size and the "pockets" in which to arrange the books, the child can see the book covers and choose the one he likes best, taking it by himself and putting it back.

Decorated with a beautiful green dragon print.

3 Sprouts Montessorian Frontal Library it is made of MDF (medium density fibreboard), with book holder sections in polyester and horizontal bars in iron, to be more resistant.

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard)
100% polyester fabric
tubular iron (poles)

Care instructions: clean with a damp cloth

Dimensions: 61 x 63 x 25,4 cm

Fantasy: Dragon

The package contains:

1 library