Tippy Smart Pad Anti-Abandonment Device
Tippy Smart Pad Anti-Abandonment Device
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Tippy Smart Pad Anti-Abandonment Device


Anti-abandonment pillow universal wireless and without installation, made with high quality, fireproof and water repellent textile material, in compliance with the most stringent European Directives. Suitable for children from 0 to 4 years.


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Tippy Smart Pad Anti-Abandonment Device is an innovative Bluetooth pad that applied above your child's seat allows you to detect its presence, avoiding the risk of forgetting it inside the car. Tippy Anti Abandonment Device it connects via Bluetooth to the smartphone and allows the parent, through a special APP, to monitor the safety of the child. Is the smartphone alarm ignored? No fear! After a minute the system automatically proceeds to send an SMS to two previously selected numbers indicating the position of the car, and therefore of the child, on Google Maps. This will make it easy for family and friends to locate the child in distress.

How does it work?

Connect it to your APP

Tippy Pad communicate directly with your Smartphone. Once you have registered and configured your car, detecting the presence of the child on it.

Bluetooth connection

Thanks to BLE technology Tippy Pad disconnects from the device once you move a few meters away from the vehicle.

Sending SMS to two emergency contacts

An SMS with the geographical position of the alarm is sent to 2 previously saved emergency contacts, allowing you to create a real emergency network.

Sound alarm

After disconnection, theTippy APP sends an alarm only informing the parent of the child's presence.

Deactivate the alarm

Within the first 40 seconds it is possible to deactivate the first alarm notification and to intervene promptly, eliminating the risk of abandonment of the child.

Failure to receive the alarm

In the event that the first alarm notification is ignored with the child still sitting, a second level of geo-localized alarm is triggered with an SMS.

How to use?

  1. Place Tippy over the seat of the car seat.
  2. Download the dedicated APP.
  3. Follow the simple instructions to connect Tippy to your smartphone.

Tippy Pad is an anti-abandonment system without wires and without installation, made with high quality, fireproof and water repellent textile material, in compliance with the most stringent European Directives. It can be easily installed on all car seats, is equipped with a battery with an autonomy of 3 years, and is very sensitive and is suitable for use from the first days of a child's life (0 years). Universal! Its size makes it easily adaptable to all car seats, even the car seat. TIPPY® is also the APP for iOS and Android (iOS 10.0 and Android 5.0 and later) which allows you to manage up to 3 devices at the same time.

Technical features

Android: compatibility with OS 5.0 and later iOS: compatibility with OS 10.0 and later Battery life 3 years for an average use of 3 hours per day Non-replaceable battery Certificates: 2014/53 / EU - Art 3.1 (a) Health & Safety - Art 3.1 (b) EMC - Art 3.2 (c) Radio Spectrum - EU 2012/19 / EC DIRECTIVE - EU 2006/66 / EC DIRECTIVEcata. TIPPY® is a registered trademark, it is designed and produced in Italy directly by Digicom Srl. ATTENTION! The geo location services must always be enabled in the "Location" item in the phone settings, as if they were disabled, the application would not be able to provide all the necessary information relating to the location of the Tippy Pad product.

Essential functional characteristics compliant with the law:

Suitable for children from 0 to 4 years. It is activated automatically with each use. Emits activation signal When the car is switched off, it emits an audible alarm if the child is still in its seat. Equipped with an automatic communication system for sending notifications through apps and smartphones.

Click here to download the declaration of conformity.


The Tippy-Fi Keychain it is a practical accessory to combine with your Tippy Pad. Used as a car key ring allows you to detect the departure from the vehicle when it is off with a child on board through a constant sound and light alarm. Tippy-Fi uses Bluetooth technology to communicate directly with the device placed on the seat, without the need to use apps or phones.




Cybex and gb car seats compatible with Tippy are only:

Cloud Q
Sirona Q
Solution Q
Solution Z
Solution Z i-Fix
Aten 5
Aton M
Solution M
Solution S
Solution S i-Fix