Tiny Love Palestrina Gymini Kick & Play Farm
Tiny Love Palestrina Gymini Kick & Play Farm
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Tiny Love Palestrina Gymini Kick & Play Farm


Tiny Love Gymini Kick & Play is both a gym and a play mat, with many different activities to accompany the child in the development of his motor skills.

Suitable from 0+ months

Dimensions:: 109 x 100 cm



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Tiny Love Gymnasium Gymini Kick & Play Farm is both gymnasium and playground.

By being able to close the edges, you can create a more protected environment for your baby in the first stage. And when the child is older he can play on the XL rug.

Tiny Love Palestrina Gymini Kick & Play Farm has many different activities to accompany the child in the development of his motor skills:

Adjustable arches for various game modes
Bouncing bunny
Mirror for the game face down
Dream catcher in rustling fabric that stimulates the child
Carrot-shaped teether with secret pocket to hide it
Colored satin ribbons
3D cow with soft fabric ears
Cow-shaped rattle
Sound and light pillow that can be activated by the child with hands and feet
Sun in rustling fabric
Sunflower-shaped teether

0+ months: Discovery of one's body

From the early days, the responsive pad of the Kick & Play gym will offer your baby auditory, visual and tactile stimulation.

Place the pad next to him and let your baby kick him as he lies on his stomach.

Over time, your baby will learn how the electronic pillow responds to contact with lights and music.

0-2 + ​​months: Communication

Move the adjustable arches to a comfortable position and enjoy quality time with your baby, playing together and connecting with him while encouraging his development.

Bring the pillow close to him, show him the other toys, talk about the Tiny Pioneers characters using simple phrases (“This is Marie the hedgehog!”) Or just enjoy precious eye contact with your little one.

2-4 + months: I play on my stomach

It is never too early to start practicing the game on your stomach. He uses the eighteen different activities on the mat to encourage this activity as he grows up.

Use play to distract your baby from the effort required to stay in this position. For example, place the pad in front of him and let him play with it.

3-5 + months: Fine motor skills

The introduction of different textures helps to develop fine motor skills. The interactive pillow, animal toys, teether and other play elements enrich your baby's tactile experience.

4-6 + months: Cognition: cause and effect

The Gymini® Gym's Responsive Pad offers children an excellent opportunity to deepen their understanding of cause and effect.

Touching the pad and attempting to elicit lighting or musical feedback supports this cognitive understanding.

This gradually helps children realize that they are in control and can actually make things happen.


Kids enjoy overhead toys and practice poking and grasping toys while lying on their back, while learning to manipulate objects with their hands, legs hit the responsive pad, providing another level of stimulation and sensation .

I play on my stomach

The Kick & Play's 18 fun activities, from teether to toys, help extend tummy time, preparing your baby for some of the milestones in fine motor skills

Sit & Play

Gymini grows with your baby. When seated, children can continue to explore the responsive pad and other toys, enjoying their more complex features.

Different game modes

Just slide the connector to move the adjustable arches and switch between the two play modes: closed or open arches, allowing your child to enjoy the extra-large play mat.

Lift the edges of the play mat to create a safer environment for your baby.

Dimensions:: 109 x 100 cm

Reason: Farm

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