Brand name:

Suavinex Smoothie Soother Silicone Color Essence 6-18 months Orange Sunset


Pacifier made entirely of silicone with a photo oxidation treatment for greater hygiene.

PRO SX symmetrical teat

Size 6-18 months



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Suavinex Smoothie is a silicone soother with PRO SX teat designed to be non-invasive and offer the baby the most natural sensation possible and respect the healthy development of the oral cavity.

Made with a photo oxidation treatment, which allows easy washing and aexcellent hygiene, reducing the possibility of sticking of dirt residues.

Soft and flexible, with a velvety feel to the touch, offers a unique sensory experience.

Suavinex Smoothie has PRO SX teat with a flat and symmetrical shape, to leave more space for the tongue in the oral cavity so that the suction is as natural as possible.
Symmetrical, so it is not a problem if the baby has to turn the dummy.

Thanks also to the flexibility of the silicone, it allows the tongue to deform the teat effortlessly, adapting it to the oral cavity.



1 single piece
Made from 100% ultra soft granulated silicone
Equipped with PRO SX symmetrical teat
Completely non-toxic and without additives

Age: 6-18 months

Color: Orange sunset

The package contains:

1 soother