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Suavinex Bonhomia Glass Baby Bottle 240ml Green Feather


240ml baby bottle with glass bottle with a comfortable handle for the baby and a teat made of ultra-soft silicone to favor the correct development of the palate.

SX pro symmetrical teat Medium flow, +3m


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Suavinex Baby Bottle Bonhomia 240ml, with a new straight-shaped bottle, offers a more comfortable grip for the child.

With SX pro symmetrical teat made of ultra soft silicone with a slightly rough surface and medium flow. Allows any type of liquid of medium density to flow out. Ideal for milk, juice or water.

Suavinex Baby Bottle Bonhomia 240ml respects the recommendations of the experts in order not to interfere in the development of the oral cavity, since it was designed keeping in mind the peculiarities of the oral cavity of the newborn, whose jaw and mandible are in the development phase, moving towards a more natural form of bottle feeding

SX Pro teat features:

Average flow
Symmetrical flat toe, leaves room for the tongue to rest while sucking
Central neck with respect to the base, adapts and is more comfortable as the child grows
20mm long neckreaches the point of union between the hard and soft palate, to favor natural suction
Concave rounded base, favors the correct position of the mouth, tongue and jaw
With anti-colic valve
Ultra soft granulated silicone, mimics the touch and texture of the nipple, maximum flexibility to adapt to the palate.

Bottle made of glass, 100% recyclable, does not absorb food odors or flavours.

Color: Green Feather

The Pack Contains:

1 glass bottle of 240ml