Stokke MuTable Cotton Toy Bag

Stokke MuTable Cotton Toy Bag


It makes it easier to put away as you just have to place the binder bag under the hole in the Stokke® MuTable ™ multifunction game table.

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Stokke® MuTable ™ Toy Bag it is perfect for storing toys after use.

The ideal accessory to get the most out of Stokke® MuTable ™ game table.

Made of cotton with a practical drawstring closure, it can be easily attached or removed from the table.

Available in a wide range of fun colors and patterns so it will be more pleasant to tidy up!

Just drag all the toys on the table into the toy bag through the hole and you're done!


Easy to attach and remove
Lightweight and easy to carry
Available in different colors and fun patterns
Perfect for storing and organizing small or medium sized toys
Made of soft cotton

Compatible with Stokke® MuTable ™ game table

Product details:

Measurements (cm / in) 13 x 5 x 22 / 5.1 x 2 x 8.7

Weight (Kg / Pounds) Zones

Materials Cotton

The package contains:

1 Stokke® MuTable ™ Toy Bag

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Cars, Chick, Crowns, Dino, Igloo, Neutral, Robot, Rocket, Tepee, Windmill