Rice Toy Storage Box in Pink Jungle Raffia SMALL
Brand name:

Rice Container for Games in Pink Jungle Raffia


Trunk-shaped toy container made by hand with embroidery.

Equipped with lid, perfect for storing toys and decorating the children's room.


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Rice Game Container in Raffia with beautiful embroidery.

In addition to being beautiful and practical, this playhouse is handmade in raffia, this makes each product unique, no two products will ever be the same, which makes them even more fascinating.

Rice Game Container in Raffia with lid is perfect for storing toys in the children's room or for shoes at the entrance, to put everything in order quickly!

All Rice raffia products are handcrafted from the extraordinary natural material, raffia. The raffia fibers come from palm fronds and all RICE raffia products come from Madagascar… the place where the story of RICE began.

The products are made with a clear conscience and with the heart in the right place: the production takes place in the mountains of Madagascar and supports more than 300 families of the Red Island. Creating a set of these raffia containers takes up to 4 people to work up to 38 hours.

Color: pink with jungle animals pattern

Available in 3 different sizes:

Small  31 x 25 x 37 cm - weight 0,68 kg

Medium 37 x 29 x 45 cm - Weight 0,96 kg

Large 43 x 32 x 52 cm - Weight 1,19 kg

Maintenance and care:

Colors will fade a little over time and more quickly when exposed to direct sunlight.

Avoid contact with water, as the colors can be damaged.

The package contains:

1 basket

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Large 43x32x52 cm, Medium 37x29x45 cm, Small 31x25x37 cm