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Picci Montessori Cottage Bed with Second Pull-out Bed


Montessori bed made of pine wood with a house-shaped structure.

With second pull-out bed.

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Picci Cot Montessori Cottage it is a magical refuge for children, which becomes a strong point of reference for them to play, relax and read before falling asleep sweetly.

Inspired by the Montessori method for the education of children: the low structure allows the child to get out of bed and move in complete safety to explore the spaces that surround him.

The design is simple, it adapts perfectly to any style of bedroom and can be customized with textiles and decorations according to your taste.

Not only safe but beautiful too, complete with a house-shaped structure that makes it cozy and fun!

With Picci Cot Montessori Cottage, the child completely changes the perception he has of sleeping alone in the bedroom.
The open bed allows him a full view of his bedroom.

The second pull-out bed is perfect for when you need to add an extra bed, just in case.

It helps to make the child free and autonomous, sleeping alone in his bedroom will be easier for him if he feels free to be able to move and has the opportunity to see everything around him well.



Montessori bed in the shape of a house.
Bed materials: pine wood
Care for the wooden structure: clean with a damp cloth and neutral detergent.

Structure dimensions: 99 x 194,5 x 139 cm

Pull-out bed dimensions: 94 x 174,5 x 16 cm

Cottage Orthopedic Mattress e Orthopedic Mattress for Removable Bed not included.

If you use Picci Montessori Cottage since the first months use a bumper, your child will feel like a little prince in this bed.


The package contains:

1 montessori bed

1 pull-out bed


Made in Italy

Picci Cottage Collection

The bedroom Cottage is composed of a Montessori bed in the shape of a cottage, a comfortable ladder cabinet made of wood and a practical bedside table to store all the objects useful to the child.

The cot, with the second pull-out bed, is much loved by mothers and children, and is perfect for when you need to add an extra bed, just in case.

Colored flags, sold separately, can further decorate this sleeping and play space.

The textile part comes in different colors, softer or brighter, with nice patterns.

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