Miniland Warmy Advanced Bottle Warmer
Brand name:

Miniland Warmy Advanced Bottle Warmer Baby Food Warmer and Home and Car Sterilizer


Bottle warmer, cup warmer and digital sterilizer.
It automatically calculates the time needed according to the type of food, its volume and its initial temperature.

Can be used at home and in the car.


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Miniland Warmy Advanced Bottle Warmer and most advanced digital sterilizer!

Miniland Warmy Advanced is the only bottle warmer on the market capable of automatically calculating the necessary operating time starting from the type of food, its volume and initial temperature, to obtain rapid, uniform heating and always at the right temperature.

Easy to use, no water measurement required.

With Miniland Warmy Advanced it is not necessary to calculate the amount of water to add to the device. Simply add water up to the level indicated in the appliance, regardless of the size and temperature of the bottle or jar.

Everything always under control, with an easy and intuitive management

Its backlit display is particularly intuitive and guides you step by step in choosing the desired option, always showing all the information relating to the process and being very simple and quick to use in all the steps.

Naturally heats baby bottles and jars

It heats naturally using high temperature water vapor, therefore it is particularly suitable for heating breast milk.

Easy sterilization in the same product

Warmy Advanced, when used with the transparent tritan bell, retains the steam and also acts as a sterilizer and allows you to sterilize baby bottles, pacifiers and other accessories in the same device used for heating.

Heats baby bottles and jars in the house and in the car

It can be used both at home and in the car thanks to the power adapter included in the package.

Exclusive BPA-free tritan bell

The bell made of tritan, a plastic material similar to glass, is transparent and very resistant to shocks and of great durability. 100% BPA free.

Programming function of the next night meal before going to bed

Warmy Advanced has an interesting programming function, which allows you to set the time to turn on to heat the next meal. Parents can thus rest more peacefully because the bottle will be ready when needed.

Visual and sound warnings, and maximum safety

A visual and audible warning indicates when the heating has finished or when the water has run out, causing automatic shutdown