Brand name:

Miniland Thermoflexi Digital Thermometer


Measure your baby's temperature orally, axillary or rectally.

With flexible and impact resistant tip.



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Miniland Thermoflexi Digital Thermometer measure your baby's temperature by mouth, axillary or rectally.

Its rubber tip makes it flexible and ensures that it does not break in case of impact.

Miniland Thermoflexi Digital Thermometer warns you with an acoustic signal when it has finished measuring the temperature.

Practical, light and compact, it can be taken anywhere thanks to the handy plastic case that further protects it.

If you no longer use it, it switches off automatically after 9 minutes to save energy.

As soon as it is turned on again, the temperature of the last measurement reappears on the digital display so that you can compare it with the new measurement.

Usable thanks to a battery that is already inside the thermometer.

The package contains

Digital thermometer

Plastic case