Brand name:

Miniland Natural Sleeper Natural Diffuser


Create the perfect environment for your baby's most natural rest.

Tactile device that stimulates the relaxation of your baby's senses through the configurable emission of white noise, colors and scents to make him sleep peacefully, deeply and naturally.


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Miniland Natural Sleeper Natural Diffuser create the perfect environment for your baby's most natural rest

Multisensory stimulation of the baby and… peaceful nights!

Thanks to its triple functionality of generating sound, colored lights and aromas, Natural Sleeper stimulates the baby's hearing, sight and smell.

Miniland Natural Sleeper Natural Diffuser improves the onset and depth of sleep naturally.

Il programmed natural sound in natural sleeper is specially designed to soothe the baby, inducing a deep and relaxed sleep. It also helps mask any ambient sounds that may wake the little one up: life is loud, but you don't have to disturb your baby!

The benefits ofaromatherapy are widely proven and are based on certain scents that help the child to have greater physical and mental strength, as well as helping to balance his energy and make him feel good inside.

Therefore, Miniland Natural Sleeper Natural Diffuser cold vaporizes through ultrasonic vibrations, gently dispersing natural fragrances in the child's room, creating an atmosphere of peace, giving him a feeling of well-being and helping him to relax, both to fall asleep and to help induce deep sleep.

Parents can choose between the mode multicolor light or steady light, creating the perfect environment for the baby, stimulating the secretion of melatonin which will help him achieve a deep, peaceful and serene sleep.

Plus, the pet light, which helps babies feel safe at night, is cool to the touch.

Miniland Natural Sleeper Natural Diffuser it adapts to the needs of each child and parent.

It remains on for an hour to help the baby fall asleep, after which it switches off automatically.

Also, in case the water in the tank runs out while it is running, it disconnects.


The ideal sound for the baby, for a relaxed and deep sleep.
Cold vaporizes gently dispersing natural fragrances
Multicolor light or steady light, create the perfect environment for baby
Automatic shutdown (after 1 hour).

Age 0+ months

Dimensions 17 x 12 x 8 cm

Weight 0,5 kg

The package contains:

1 diffuser with charger