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Medela Single Electric Breast Pump Only


Single electric breast pump, compact, effective and easy to use.

With built-in rechargeable battery, 2-Phase Expression® technology and PersonalFit Flex ™ breast shield.


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Medela Solo Single Electric Breast Pump is a single electric breast pump, compact, effective and easy to use.

Extract milk wherever you are, even if there are no electrical outlets!

Equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery, Medela Solo offers up to six pumping sessions on a full charge. The new USB Type-C port on the breast pump allows you to recharge the battery faster than the micro-USB port.

Intuitive and simple to use

Consisting of a few components that facilitate cleaning and assembly. With an intuitive interface, 4 buttons and 9 pre-programmed settings, this single electric breast pump is extremely easy to use.

2-Phase Expression® technology

During breastfeeding, babies initially resort to short, quick sucks to stimulate the milk delivery reflex. As milk begins to flow, babies move on at a slower, more individual pace.

La 2-Phase Expression® technology di Medela mimics the baby's natural sucking rhythm - fast to stimulate milk flow, then slower to establish optimal milk flow.

PersonalFit Flex Breast Cup

Featuring a 105-degree opening angle, a soft edge and an oval shape that offers a better fit, the PersonalFit Flex ™ Breast Cup exerts less pressure on the milk ducts than traditional cups, providing a more effective pumping experience and comfortable.

Closed system

The closed system prevents breast milk from entering the tube, leaking out and entering the pump mechanism.

This helps ensure that the expressed milk remains safe and that the components of the breast pump are protected from potential damage.


Single electric breast pump
Easy to use: intuitive interface with 4 buttons and 9 pre-programmed settings.
Easy to assemble and clean thanks to the few components.
Lightweight and compact design.
Increased Mobility: Built-in rechargeable battery that allows up to 6 extraction sessions on a full charge.
Faster Charging: With USB Type-C port, compared to a micro-USB port.
2-Phase Expression® Technology: mimics baby's natural sucking rhythm 1, 2.
PersonalFit Flex ™ Breast Cup: for greater comfort and 11,8% more milk3.
Significantly quieter: Compared to the previous Swing Flex model, less than 45 dB at maximum extraction level.
Closed system: prevents breast milk from entering the tube.

The package contains:

Solo ™ Breast Pump
150ml bottle with cap
Bottle holder
PersonalFit Flex ™ connector
PersonalFit Flex ™ 24mm Breast Cup
USB charging cable
USB transformer