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Medela Nipple Protector 2 pcs


Nipple Shields designed for mothers who suffer from sore or cracked nipples, Medela nipple shields protect them and promote skin healing by preventing clothing from rubbing against the nipples.


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Medela Nipple Protector Breastfeeding is a special time, but it's not always easy. You may find that you have sore or cracked nipples, especially in the early days when you and your baby are learning. After all, sensitive nipples are not used to the pressure and sucking of the infant feeding regularly. Any discomfort should gradually subside; if not, see a lactation consultant or breastfeeding specialist. In the meantime, wearing nipple shields (also known as nipple shields) between feedings can help prevent clothing from rubbing against sensitive nipples, promoting healing.

Coping with different types of nipple problems

While sensitive or sore nipples are a common problem in new mothers, discomfort can sometimes occur due to the breastfeeding position or because the baby latches incorrectly while breastfeeding; therefore, even in these cases, it is advisable to have yourself checked by a lactation expert or breastfeeding specialist. If you experience nipple bleeding, severe pain while breastfeeding, or symptoms of a breast infection, such as mastitis, it is important to see a healthcare professional.

How do nipple shields work?

Nipple shields are worn inside the bra to prevent the fabric from rubbing against sensitive or sore nipples, allowing the skin to heal and promoting healing. When using nipple shields it is advisable to wear a nursing bra, as they tend to be a bit more roomy than a typical bra, so it's easier to fit them inside. However, there is no risk of nipple shields appearing through clothing, as their discreet shape ensures a natural look. Nipple shields can be worn continuously between breastfeeding sessions; however, it is advisable not to use them in bed at night, as this can aggravate the pain in the nipples.

How to use Medela nipple shields

Medela's nipple shields are composed of two components: a flexible and soft silicone membrane that is comfortable on sensitive skin and an outer part with ventilation holes to allow the skin to breathe. They are easy to wear:

  1. place the membrane on the outside, making sure it is firmly fixed.
  2. Put the assembled nipple protector in the bra, so that the opening of the membrane is at the nipple. The holes must be facing up.

Some breast milk may be deposited in the nipple shields during use. Do not give this milk to your baby; throw it away when cleaning the cups (see below).


  • put the components of the nipple protector in a small pot filled with cold water, preferably distilled; however, if you use tap water, you can add a teaspoon of citric acid to prevent the build-up of limescale deposits.
  • Bring the water to a boil and continue boiling for five minutes.
  • Drain the water thoroughly and let the nipple shield components dry on a clean cloth.
  • Alternatively, you can use a Medela Quick Clean™ microwave bag.

Also, you need to clean the nipple protectors after each use. Separate the components and wash them with a mild detergent solution. Afterwards, rinse them thoroughly in cold water and let them dry on a clean cloth.

The package contains:

2 nipple protectors.