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Maxi-Cosi Lights & Sounds Soothe



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The system Maxi-Cosi Lights & Sounds Soothe creates the perfect sensory experience for a peaceful and serene environment.

You can customize your baby's sleep routine with soothing lights, sounds and lullabies.

When your child grows up and is no longer a newborn, you can help them learn when it's time to get up with personalized settings.

Through the app + you can control, program and adjust the music, light and brightness of the colors and create personalized sensory scenes for the bedroom.

Maxi-Cosi Lights & Sounds Soothe it has been designed to complement elegant and modern home furnishings. The sleek, minimal lines of this baby night light, curved edges and natural, muted colors help create an elegant nursery environment, calmly and peacefully surrounding the baby so that he can sleep deeply and restfully.

Place it near the crib, at eye level for the baby, so that he can experience all the soothing and calming colors and sounds.

Easy to use

With Maxi-Cosi Lights & Sounds Soothe  you can easily create the perfect sensory experience and create a calm and relaxed environment in the nursery.

To make your life easier, you can adjust, control and program Soothe via the app * on your own or just use the buttons on the product - it's up to you.

You can customize your baby's sleep routine with soothing lights, soothing sounds and a variety of sleep-promoting lullabies. Or create your own custom scenes with endless color choices and over 20 relaxing music tracks and sounds.

A handy safety lock mechanism prevents your child from changing your custom settings.


20 music and sounds
Interacts with other products via the Connected Home app.
Modern and elegant design.
Accompany the child in growth.
Remote control.
Control of music, color and brightness.
Infinite variety of colors.
Night light and lullabies for the newborn, personalized settings to help the baby wake up when he is older.
Child safety mechanism.
Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google voice assistants.

The package contains:

Maxi-Cosi Lights & Sounds Soothe lamp, instructions.

* One app. Four smart products.

Maxi-Cosi Connected Home is an elegant range of products with intelligent sensors for the bedroom, which connect via a single easy-to-use app.

The range includes the light under Glow cradle, il See baby monitor, theBreathe humidifier and Lights & Sounds Soothe.

Smart technology designed to comfort, soothe, supervise your baby and give you peace of mind.

Each product includes automated routines and customized features to adapt and program in the way that best suits your family.

A series of intelligent sensors allows Connected Home products to interact seamlessly with each other. For example, when the Baby Monitor See detects that your baby is waking up, she can automatically turn on the light under the Glow cot to comfort him with a soft, soft light.

The Connected Home app allows you to stay close to your baby 24/24, making sure your little one is always safe, comfortable and comfortable.

2,4 Ghz Wi-Fi Internet connection is required to set up this product in the Maxi-Cosi Connected Home app.